How the “leader of the free world” is seen from outside the US

From Toronto, Canada – and they’re one of our “allies”…

Say “When.”


  1. Jen Neilans

    Ha! love this billboard. I’m originally from Toronto and this ad doesn’t shock me at all. Most Canadians (including me) think GWB is completely arrogant in his role as President. He is not FOR the people. As a Canadian – he makes me nervous. Canada seems to just ‘go along’ with whatever the US does… I’m scared for my 2 kids… what future are we leaving for them in this world?

  2. v_bee

    I’m originally from the grand ol’ US of A, and the ad doesn’t shock me at all. The Shrub has a 71% DISAPPROVAL rating, so I think it’s safe to say that most American’s aren’t feelin’ great about Jr. What I *really* don’t understand though, are all of the lemmings, both American and Canadian, who just go with the status quo- as long as they have their McMansion’s and SUV’s, they see no need to get off the couch and make a change. They are almost as scary as Jr. He doesn’t just make me nervous, he scares the living day lights out of me…. and so do the lemmings.

    Come on people, get off your comfy couch and say “WHEN?”


  3. illa morales

    perhaps we should cut a little slack to GWB. I heard English is his second language………tee hee

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