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Father’s Day

bush_collage.jpg On Father’s Day, 2007, as the men in Washington who are fathers and sons continue the charade that has become our government and the war that has become an atrocity, I want to send the children who are missing their dads because of this war – and especially the ones who now will always miss their dads because of this war – our thoughts and prayers.

In spite of what some people would have you believe – people in the media and the government…even people who have commented here – we do support our troops. In fact, those of us involved in ending the war are doing it because of them – and because of you.

To all sons and daughters on this Father’s Day – we send you our blessings. To all fathers – here and gone – we send you our love.

Say “When.”


I don’t begrudge Paris Hilton her time in the spotlight. Being a “star” may very well be the thing her parents raised her to be.

What I have a problem with is that, while we were being distracted by her struggles, the news media failed to mention that we had hit the 3500 US military casualty mark in the Iraq War.

Say “When.”