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Where’s Our Nuremberg?

Say “When.”

I don’t know about you, but I have certainly slept better in the past few weeks knowing that the City Attorney of Los Angeles, Rocky Delgadillo, has had my back. The idea of a heinous criminal like serial-poser Paris Hilton roaming the streets was nearly more than I could bear. But I felt so much better seeing Rocky’s earnest face on television. Here was someone who was decrying the special treatment given to Ms. Hilton. Whew! Rocky handled it. Now that’s how I want my civil servants to handle their jobs.

OOPS! In July 2004, Mrs. Delgadillo was driving Rocky’s city vehicle (?! – I don’t remember electing her) and got into an accident. OOPS! Her license was suspended – from an accident earlier that year after which Mrs. Delgadillo failed to file an accident report. She did not supply the Department of Motor Vehicles with proof of insurance, so they suspended her license, “unbeknownst to her.” (Isn’t that the same thing Paris said?!) OOPS! According to city rules, “city vehicles assigned to elected officials (such as Mr. Delgadillo) cannot be driven by a family member for personal reasons,” but the City Attorney said that the rule is “ambiguous.” AMBIGUOUS?! AMBIGUOUS?! (Read the whole story at

Listen up, Mr. Delgadillo – and every politician and public servant out there – WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF YOUR INTERPRETING THE RULES TO FIT YOUR BEHAVIOR! Don’t think for one minute that our dissatisfaction with the way things are in Washington doesn’t trickle all the way down to you. In fact, it’s not a trickle anymore – it’s becoming a landslide!

It is more and more obvious as each day goes along that the people we have elected are CORRUPT – and taking us for fools.

We DARE any elected official – at any level – who reads this (and we know you do) to show the people who put you in office that you are just as fed up as they are and are willing to stand up and say so. Wear a “When.” wristband – hell, wear a t-shirt from any of the many sites that sell them…there are plenty to choose from!!! Make your statement in a public, visible way – NOW!

In fact, we double-dog dare ya!

Say “When.”