Some Campaign Advice for Mayor Michael Bloomberg…

(…or anyone else who wants to know how to win in 2008!)

Mr Bloomberg – it is our understanding that you are considering running for President in 2008. None of the political talking-heads on the networks are giving you much of a chance. Some claim you will deflect votes from Hilary Clinton – others say you’ll do the same to Rudy Guiliani. They all agree that you can’t outright win. I beg to differ.

We’re not just tired of the President, lady and gentlemen***, we’re tired of the lot of you. Yes, Mr. Bush enjoys a 28% approval rating – and the Congress we elected to rectify situations we see as untenable stands at 14%. The biggest mistake any of you could make is assuming that you will waltz into the White House simply because you are not George Bush.

We’re looking for someone who stands with us – who is tired of the whole mess and is ready to say “When.” We can’t guarantee you victory in 2008 if you wear a “When.” wristband – but we can pretty much assure you of a larger audience for your views.

The American people have taken Mr. Bush’s remarks – “You are either with us or against us” – to heart and are looking at Presidential candidates through that stance.

This will be a different election – we are no longer willing to vote for “the lesser of two evils” because we finally realize that the result is evil either way!

We don’t think any of the potential candidates fielded by either the GOP or the Democrats have what’s necessary to make the shift. They still think they are the ones in charge. We’ll let you in on a little secret – WE THE PEOPLE are in charge now and we want someone to represent US!

Here’s the challenge Mr. Mayor – or to any of you, for that matter – wear a “When.” wristband and show us you’re the one.

***This statement is referring to the candidates – 1 woman and several men – hence “lady and gentlemen.”

Say “When.” 


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