Gut Feelings, Threats, and Poll Numbers

Because of the posts we’ve made detailing the rantings of Chertoff, Santorum, and Milligan, it has been suggested that we think the United States is not in danger of another 9/11-style event.  Quite the contrary – we think there is every indication that something is in the works.  We just want to make certain that you understand where the threat is actually coming from and why.

Please keep an eye on the poll numbers, the continuing desertion of Republican Senators and Congress-persons, and an escalation of claims of increased al Qaeda activity.  Make note of whether there appears to be a correlation between them.

Don’t allow yourselves to be swept up in the fear – but be aware of what is happening.  We are thinking the line this administration is looking for is “See…we told you.”

Say “When.”

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