Kiss My Big Blue Butt

What a fabulous read!!!  Here’s from the July 14 entry:

Okay, so Democratic Senate candidate Mikal Watts figured I wasn’t using my freedom of choice anyway, so he’d solicited me for an endorsement.  I got the letter today.

I’ve read it twice.  The second time I read it out loud just so I wouldn’t miss anything.
It seems to me that he’s trying to say two things:
1. He is for what is good and against what is bad.
2. He has a lot of rich friends.
No, seriously, that’s about it.  He “will demand change in Iraq.”  Well, boy howdy, that statement takes about the same courage as showering nakkid.  I think the latest polls show that 17% of Americans think we should continue to get out butts handed to us on a platter in Iraq.

Read the rest here

Say “When.”


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