Senate Sets All-night Iraq War Debate

From ABC News:

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. Senate Democrats, hoping to raise pressure on President George W. Bush and his fellow Republicans to pull troops from Iraq, have scheduled an around-the-clock war debate starting on Tuesday.

“I think that the American people deserve what we’re doing and that is focusing attention every minute of the day on what is going wrong in Iraq,” Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid told reporters on Monday in unveiling the rare marathon work day.

Reid said the Senate will stay in session all night Tuesday and into Wednesday to debate war policy and a Democratic plan requiring the pull-out of all U.S. combat troops from Iraq by the end of April 2008.

Democrats have all but publicly acknowledged that they will be unable to pass their end-the-war amendment because opposition Republicans are insisting on 60 votes for a victory.

So let us get this straight – the Democrats are going to stay up all night to debate the war knowing that it will have no impact on the Republicans needed to make a difference in the vote.  Then what the hell are they doing it for? 

This has been called “political theater” – so it’s basically a show for “the People” to make us think the Democrats are doing what we elected them to do!

The American People do NOT deserve you staying up all night to salve your guilty consciences – we deserve you to get off your butts and end this war!Well, ladies and gentlemen – we’re not buying the show!  And we’re calling bullsh*t on BULLSH*T!

Say “When.”


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