RE: Executive Order July 17, 2007

From Rosie O’Donnell’s Blog

Lauren writes:

that protest thing looks fake.. you’d think cnn would report it if it were true.


  1. Its a real order, but it doesn’t come close to doing what everybody says it does. Bill Clinton enacted the same thing in 1995 for the Mid-East Peace process. I have the details on my blog….

  2. virgo420

    Look places other than CNN to hear the truth. Corporate media censors important facutal info all the time. Leading up the the war in Iraq the corporate media did little to ask hard questions or inform the public that bush did not have evidence for many of his reasons for war. The media is currently doing no coverage of Dennis kuncinich or ron paul, foxnews called the 2000 elections and the rest of the media went along, there was no criticism of the war or pro-peace for the first years of this war, they also sold people on the idea that Iraq had something to do with 9-11 which it did not. Those are just a few examples that came to my head. Check out alternative media outlets to get a balance.

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