Why Didn’t the #1 Video Question Make It On The CNN “Debates?”

Didn’t you wonder why this wasn’t asked? It was the #1 video as voted on by visitors to CommunityCounts:

And here is Chris Dodd’s pathetic excuse for an answer. BUZZZZZ! Wrong answer, Sen. Dodd! Thanks for playing! Next contestant, please!

  1. illa morales

    No one has the “Cojones” to be honest.

  2. Michael

    That’s no question, its an agenda. And certianly not the number 1 question!. Not one person on that stage has the balls to led a charge on impeachment on a sitting president in a time of war, just like they wouldn’t cut the funding to bring our boys home. I’m done with democrats. These candidates may be dishonest, but they certainly aren’t stupid. They have figured out what the glassy-eyed far left are still struggling to understand, Bush can’t run again in 08′. Sooner or later we have to have ideas, from our candidates. And that empty-headed, practiced, tired old line from the chickie in the video, is exactly what we don’t need..

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