This is How We Treat A Presidential Candidate?

Are we entering a time when we scrutinize and discuss the “attributes” of the male candidates? And this is from the “serious” Washington Post…

Hillary Clinton’s Tentative Dip Into New Neckline Territory

By Robin Givhan

Washington Post Staff Writer
Friday, July 20, 2007; Page C01

There was cleavage on display Wednesday afternoon on C-SPAN2. It belonged to Sen. Hillary Clinton.

She was talking on the Senate floor about the burdensome cost of higher education. She was wearing a rose-colored blazer over a black top. The neckline sat low on her chest and had a subtle V-shape. The cleavage registered after only a quick glance. No scrunch-faced scrutiny was necessary. There wasn’t an unseemly amount of cleavage showing, but there it was. Undeniable.

Finish the story.

Say “When.”

  1. Yea, the cleavage thing was about as ridiculous a story as I’ve seen.

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