Ah, yes…This is How The Administration “Supports Our Troops”



  1. unitedwelay1

    It’s not just the administration. The democrats aren’t doing much more to support the troops. As long as we’re not all talking about impeachment, we are not supporting our troops.

  2. We couldn’t agree more! When we say we’ve had enough, the Democrats need to understand – we’re including them!

    For years, whatever party wasn’t “out of favor” could pretty well count on the support of the American people. After the ’06 elections and the lack of ANYTHING BUT TALK from the newly-elected Democratic Congress/Senate, our take on it is that they’d better not assume anything! (Remember in school when your teachers told you not to use the word “assume” because “it makes an ass out of you and me?” Well – we’re done being made asses of by the asses on Capitol Hill and at 16 Pennsylvania Ave!)

  3. illa morales

    Looks like Iran next if we don’t impeach Cheney.

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