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If you are as tired as I am of the idiocy of mainstream news, take a few minutes and watch Jon Stewart’s take on the Larry King/Dick Cheney interview. It’s about 5 minutes – and the best part is at the end when Stewart catches Wolf Blitzer in a whopper!! Apparently, even Wolf doesn’t watch his own crappy show!


Comedy Central – The Daily Show – click on the video “I Now Pronounce You Dick & Larry.”

Well – this gets even more interesting! We got a comment to the post “U. S. Army Major in Court Over $9,000,000 Iraq Bribery Claim” from the report who initially broke the story!! Major Cockerham and his wife Melissa are certainly following in the illustrious footsteps of the Major’s Commander-in-Chief – do something illegal – $10,000,000 in bribes and $5,400,000 in contracts he rigged; either lie about it or only tell part of the truth – “the Cockerhams confessed partially…“; pretend like nothing is wrong – “...the Cockerhams appeared to go about their daily lives…“; and when all else fails – get the taxpayer to pay for your defense – “…they asked for court-appointed lawyers.” And guess what folks – their request was granted!!!

Thank God for reporters like Guillermo Contreras – this is what a real journalist does!!! Our initial post was from an AP story picked up in the U. K. – why hasn’t this been all over the U. S. media? It certainly deserves to be read by more than San Antonio readers! Read Mr. Contreras’ own articles from the San Antonio Express-News.