Will Bush Cancel The 2008 Election?

by Harvey Wasserman & Bob Fitrakis

It is time to think about the “unthinkable.”

The Bush Administration has both the inclination and the power to cancel the 2008 election.

The GOP strategy for another electoral theft in 2008 has taken clear shape, though we must assume there is much more we don’t know.

But we must also assume that if it appears to Team Bush/Cheney/Rove that the GOP will lose the 2008 election anyway (as it lost in Ohio 2006) we cannot ignore the possibility that they would simply cancel the election. Those who think this crew will quietly walk away from power are simply not paying attention.

The real question is not how or when they might do it. It’s how, realistically, we can stop them.

In Florida 2000, Team Bush had a game plan involving a handful of tactics. With Jeb Bush in the governor’s mansion, the GOP used a combination of disenfranchisement, intimidation, faulty ballots, electronic voting fraud, a rigged vote count and an aborted recount, courtesy of the US Supreme Court.

A compliant Democrat (Al Gore) allowed the coup to be completed.

In Ohio 2004, the arsenal of dirty tricks exploded. Based in Columbus, we have documented more than a hundred different tactics used to steal the 20 electoral votes that gave Bush a second term. More are still surfacing. As a result of the King-Lincoln-Bronzeville federal lawsuit (in which we are plaintiff and attorney) we have now been informed that 56 of the 88 counties in Ohio violated federal law by destroying election records, thus preventing a definitive historical recount.

As in 2000, a compliant Democrat (John Kerry) allowed the coup to proceed.

For 2008 we expect the list of vote theft maneuvers to escalate yet again. We are already witnessing a coordinated nationwide drive to destroy voter registration organizations and to disenfranchise millions of minority, poor and young voters.

This carefully choreographed campaign is complemented by the widespread use of electronic voting machines. As reported by the Government Accountability Office, Princeton University, the Brennan Center, the Carter-Baker Commission, US Rep. John Conyers (D-MI) and others, these machines can be easily used to flip an election. They were integral to stealing both the 2000 and 2004 elections. Efforts to make their source codes transparent, or to require a usable paper trail on a federal level, have thus far failed. A discriminatory Voter ID requirement may also serve as the gateway to a national identification card.

Overall, the GOP will have at its command even more weapons of election theft in 2008 than it did in Ohio 2004, which jumped exponentially from Florida 2000. The Rovian GOP is nothing if not tightly organized to do this with ruthless efficiency. Expect everything that was used these past two presidential elections to surface again in 2008 in far more states, with far more efficiency, and many new dirty tricks added in.

But in Ohio 2006, the GOP learned a hard lesson. Its candidate for governor was J. Kenneth Blackwell. The Secretary of State was the essential on-the-ground operative in the theft of Ohio 2004.

When he announced for governor, many Ohioans joked that “Ken Blackwell will never lose an election where he counts the votes.”

But lose he did….along with the GOP candidates for Secretary of State, Attorney-General and US Senate.

By our calculations, despite massive grassroots scrutiny, the Republicans stole in excess of 6% of the Ohio vote in 2006. But they still lost.

Why? Because they were so massively unpopular that even a 6% bump couldn’t save them. Outgoing Governor Bob Taft, who pled guilty to four misdemeanors while in office, left town with a 7% approval rating (that’s not a typo). Blackwell entered the last week of the campaign down 30% in some polls.

So while the GOP still had control of the electoral machinery here in 2006, the public tide against them was simply too great to hold back, even through the advanced art and science of modern Rovian election theft.

In traditional electoral terms, that may also be the case in 2008. Should things proceed as they are now, it’s hard to imagine any Republican candidate going into the election within striking distance. The potential variations are many, but the graffiti on the wall is clear.

What’s also clear is that this administration has a deep, profound and uncompromised contempt for democracy, for the rule of law, and for the US Constitution. When George W. Bush went on the record (twice) as saying he has nothing against dictatorship, as long as he can be dictator, it was a clear and present policy statement.

Who really believes this crew will walk quietly away from power? They have the motivation, the money and the method for doing away with the electoral process altogether. So why wouldn’t they?

The groundwork for dismissal of both the legislative and judicial branch has been carefully laid. The litany is well-known, but worth a very partial listing:

The continuation of the drug war, and the Patriot Act, Homeland Security Act and other dictatorial laws prompted by the 9/11/2001 terror attacks, have decimated the Bill of Rights, and shredded the traditional American right to due process of law, freedom from official surveillance, arbitrary violence, and far more.

The current Attorney-General, Alberto Gonzales, has not backed away from his announcement to Congress that the Constitution does not guarantee habeas corpus. The administration continues to act on the assumption that it can arrest anyone at any time and hold them without notification or trial for as long as it wants.

The establishment of the Homeland Security Agency has given it additional hardware to decimate the basic human rights of our citizenry. Under the guise of dealing with the “immigration problem,” large concentration camps are under construction around the US.

The administration has endorsed and is exercising its “right” to employ torture, contrary to the Eighth Amendment and to a wide range of international treaties, which Gonzales has labeled “quaint.”

With more than 200 “signing statements” the administration acts on its belief that the “unitary executive” trumps the power of the legislative branch in any instance it chooses. This belief has been further enforced with the administration’s use of a wide range of precedent-setting arguments to keep its functionaries from testifying before Congress.

There is much more. In all instances, the 109th Congress—and the public—have rolled over without significant resistance.

Most crucial now are Presidential Directive #51, Executive Orders #13303, #13315, #13350, #13364, #13422, #13438, and more, by which Bush has granted himself an immense arsenal of powers for which the term “dictatorial” is a modest understatement.

The Founders established our government with checks and balances. But executive orders have accumulated important precedent. The Emancipation Proclamation by which Lincoln declared an end to slavery in the South, was issued under the “military necessity” of adding blacks to the Union Army, a step without which the North might not have won the Civil War. Franklin Roosevelt’s Executive Order #8802 established the Fair Employment Practices Commission. Harry Truman’s Executive Order #9981 desegregated the military.

Most to the point, FDR’s Executive Order #9066 ordered the forcible internment of 100,000 people of Japanese descent into the now infamous concentration camps of World War II.

There is also precedent for a president overriding the Supreme Court. In the 1830s Chief Justice John Marshall enshrined the right of the Cherokee Nation to sovereignty over its ancestral land in the Appalachian Mountains. But President Andrew Jackson scorned the decision. Some 14,000 native Americans were moved at gunpoint to Oklahoma. More than 3,000 died along the way.

All this will be relevant should Team Bush envision a defeat in the 2008 election and decide to call it off. It’s well established that Richard Nixon—mentor to Karl Rove and Dick Cheney—commissioned the Huston Plan, which detailed how to cancel the 1972 election.

Today we must ask: who would stop this administration from taking dictatorial power in the instance of a “national emergency” such as a terror attack at a nuclear power plant or something similar?

Nothing in the behavior of this Congress indicates that it is capable of significant resistance. Impeachment seems beyond it. Nor does it seem Congress would actually remove Bush if it did put him on trial.

Short of that, Bush clearly does not view anything Congress might do as a meaningful impediment. After all, how many divisions does the Congress command?

The Supreme Court, as currently constituted, would almost certainly rubber stamp a Bush coup. If not, like Jackson, he could ignore it as easily as he would ignore Congress.

What does that leave? There is much idle speculation now about what the armed forces would do. We also hear loose talk about “90 million gun owners.”

From the public side, the only conceivable counter-force might be a national strike or an effective long-term campaign of general non-cooperation.

But we can certainly assume the mainstream media will give lock-step support to whatever the regime says and does. It’s also a given that those likely to lead the resistance will immediately land in those new prisons being built by Halliburton et. al.

So how do we cope with the harsh realities of such a Bush/Cheney/Rove dictatorial coup?

We may have about a year to prepare. Every possible scenario needs to be discussed in excruciating detail.

For only one thing is certain: denial will do nothing.

HARVEY WASSERMAN’S HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES is at www.solartopia.org, along with SOLARTOPIA! OUR GREEN-POWERED EARTH, A.D. 2030. The FITRAKIS FILES are at www.freepress.org (where this article was originally published), along with HOW THE GOP STOLE AMERICA’S 2004 ELECTION & IS RIGGING 2008, which Bob and Harvey co-wrote.

  1. “Today we must ask: who would stop this administration from taking dictatorial power in the instance of a “national emergency” such as a terror attack at a nuclear power plant or something similar?”

    The President is allowed and almost expected to to take emergency measures – many of which you would rightly describe as dictatorial – in the case of a national emergency. Your examples would probably qualify as such.

    Why does this bother you? It’s always been within the scope of Executive Powers, though it was strengthened by Pres. Carter’s signing of the revised FEMA act. Is it just the thought of “W” doing it, or would any President doing it under any circumstances bother you?

    None of this is meant as an attack. I’m honestly curiuos about the rising panic over this issue.

  2. illa morales

    Today we must ask: who would stop this administration…by impeachment!! You can come to your own conclusions whether it’s W or any President whom over steps his bounds. Hope this clears up any curiousity and awakens you to a brighter day. Good Morning and Welcome.

    George Bush’s family connections delivered for him in business, in spite of his ineptitude, and finally gave him the grand prize of the presidency he exploited fully ever since. For him and those around him, the law is just an artifact to be used, abused or ignored at his pleasure. He earlier usurped “Unitary Executive” power to claim the law is what he says it is and in six and half years in office issued more signing statements (over 800) than all past presidents combined. The result is he expanded presidential power (already immense as Lundberg explained) at the expense of the other two branches by shifting it dangerously toward unlimited executive authority, otherwise known as tyranny.

    The Constitution has no provisions for “Unitary Executive” power or the right of the chief executive to issue signing statements that hasn’t deterred this President from doing as he pleases. There’s also no authorization for issuing Executive Orders, as just noted, beyond the following vague language Lundberg explained constitutes the “essence of presidential power….in a single sentence.”

    Specifically, Article II, section 1 reads: “The executive power shall be vested in a President of the United States of America.” That simple statement, easily passed over and misunderstood, means the near-limitless power of this office “is concentrated in the hands of one man.” Article II, section 3 then almost nonchalantly adds: “The President shall take care that the laws be faithfully executed” without saying Presidents are virtually empowered to make laws as well as execute them even though nothing in the Constitution specifically permits this practice.

    George Bush takes full advantage within and outside the law. His July 17 Executive Order is another case in point, but a particularly egregious and dangerous one. It starts off: The President’s power stems from “the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America” as well as the International Emergency Economic Powers Act he invokes as well. The order then continues:

    – “….due to the unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States posed by acts of violence threatening the peace and stability of Iraq and undermining efforts to promote economic reconstruction and political reform in Iraq and to provide humanitarian assistance to the Iraqi people,” George Bush usurped authority to criminalize the anti-war movement, make the First Amendment right to protest it illegal, and give himself the right to seize the assets of persons violating this order.

    In a message to Congress on the same date, George Bush then stated:

    – “….I hereby report that I have issued an Executive Order blocking property of persons determined to have committed, or to pose a significant risk of committing, an act or acts of violence that have the purpose or effect of threatening the peace or stability of Iraq or the Government of Iraq or undermining efforts to promote economic reconstruction and political reform in Iraq or to provide humanitarian assistance to the Iraqi people.”

    In effect, George Bush, on his say alone and in violation of the Constitution, criminalized dissent July 17, 2007. By so doing, he shifted the nation one step closer to full-blown tyranny with other tightening measures sure to follow this one. The dominant media reported virtually nothing about this nor will they explain or voice concern when law-abiding Americans are arrested and punished for protesting a criminal administration’s illegal foreign wars. Instead, a full-court press publicly-aired effort is underway to justify them that provides clues for what may lie ahead.

    Scare-Mongering Heats Up

    On July 7, former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum appeared on the Hugh Hewitt radio program. He was introduced by the host as “one of our favorite Americans,” leaving no doubt where Hewitt stands. Santorum came to skewer his former colleagues’ lack of resolve to stay the course in Iraq, no matter how hopeless things are on the ground. But he took the opportunity to go further by suggesting that “confronting Iran (is) an absolute lynchpin for our success in that region,” that 9/11 taught us “Islamists” must be confronted, that they want to “conquer that region of the world (and) will soon end up on our doorstep (if not stopped, and that) between now and November, a lot of things are going to happen (to shape) “a very different” (public view) of this war….because….of some very unfortunate events (coming) like we’re seeing unfold in the UK.”

    Does Rick Santorum know something the public doesn’t, and was he given permission to leak it on-air? Another clue came July 10 from DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff. He practically told a Chicago Tribune editorial board meeting another major terrorist attack is coming later this summer because he has a “gut feeling” about a period ahead of increased risk. Basing his assessment on undisclosed intelligence (as always) and earlier “terrorist patterns in Europe,” he added “Summertime seems to be appealing to them (and) We worry that they are rebuilding their activities. I believe we are entering a period this summer of increased risk.”

    Chertoff then appeared on a number of TV programs to itemize his “gut feeling” factors, including taking full advantage of the likely staged June 29 London car bomb discoveries and June 30 follow-up Glasgow airport incident that may have only been an unfortunate accident. With no credible evidence backing his claims, Chertoff, nonetheless, said “Europe could become a platform for an attack against this country.” The UK incidents may, in fact, have been staged to stoke fear in Britain and here in advance of a major homeland terror event to come.

    The New York Times’ Maureen Dowd tried making light of Chertoff’s comments saying he sounds “more like a meteorologist than the man charged with keeping us safe.” Chertoff’s job isn’t to “keep us safe,” Dowd should know better, and her attempt at humor isn’t funny. These comments are to be taken seriously. They were made to signal a changed political climate ahead brought on by a one or more likely upcoming terror events, possibly major ones. It would be to resuscitate a failing president the way 9/11 did earlier, even though no one this time would dare suggest George Bush combines Lincoln, FDR and Churchill resurrected or anything resembling it.

    More Scare-Mongering

    Quick to play their lead hyperventilating role, the corporate media is all over the notion of a summer terror surprise to prepare the public in advance for what may be coming and to accept the consequences of a police state America in response. ABC News may have been first to hype the story citing a new FBI analysis of Al-Queda messages warning of “their strategic intent to strike the US homeland and US interests worldwide (that) should not be discounted as merely deceptive noise.”

    Then on July 15, “Enemy Number One” bin Laden coincidentally appeared in an undated online videotape. It was titled “Winds of Martyrdom” and presented to look new with bin Laden saying “The happy (person) is the one chosen by Allah to be a martyr.” In fact, it looked like old footage or pieced together segments of earlier ones repackaged to look fresh and released to the public two days after the Senate doubled the bounty on bin Laden to $50 million. It was also three days after AP reported July 12 that US intelligence analysts concluded Al-Queda has rebuilt its operating capability to levels unseen since right before 9/11 and is “renewing efforts to sneak terror plotters into (the) US” adding to numbers of them already here.

    AP also mentioned a draft National Intelligence Estimate “expected (and now released to confirm) an increasingly worrisome portrait of al-Queda’s ability to use its base along the Pakistan-Afghan border to launch and inspire attacks, even though (other) Bush administration officials say the US is safer (now) nearly six years into the war on terror.” Hyping the threat further, AP mentioned key “classified” assessments in the report claiming Al-Queda “probably (is) still pursuing chemical, biological or nuclear weapons and would use them if its operatives developed sufficient capability.” Further, the US faces “a persistent and evolving (Islamic) terrorist threat” for the next three years.

    In a clearly timed and motivated political statement, The (unclassified) National Intelligence Estimate “key judgments” were released July 17, combining assessments from 16 Bush administration spy agencies. It’s titled “The Terrorist Threat to the US Homeland,” It presented the findings below, including reworked earlier ones, in addition to those mentioned above:

    – Al-Queda has “regenerated key elements of its Homeland attack capability;”

    – Iraq strengthened Al-Queda that will “leverage the contacts and capabilities” to attack the US homeland;

    – Al-Queda and its operatives in Iraq will “energize the broader Sunni extremist community (and help to) recruit and indoctrinate (new) operatives;

    – In spite of Al-Queda’s regrouping, US worldwide counterterrorism efforts since 2001 have constrained Islamic extremists from attacking US soil; nonetheless, Al-Queda remains a serious future threat and is likely to focus on high-profile political, economic and infrastructure targets for maximum casualties, visually dramatic destruction, economic aftershocks and public fear;

    – Al-Queda restored its ability to attack US soil and operates freely in the Pakistan Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA);

    – Other Muslim and non-Muslim terrorist groups also pose a danger abroad and may consider attacking here. Lebanon’s Hezbollah topped the list of Muslim groups mentioned. Earth Liberation Front, called a violent environmental group, also made the list.

    At his July 12 news conference, George Bush raised the specter of Al-Queda’s threat to the US citing the above-mentioned intelligence report as supposed evidence. He then resurrected a timeworn long ago discredited golden oldie saying “The same folks that are bombing innocent people in Iraq were the ones who attacked us in America on September 11. That’s why what happens in Iraq matters to security here at home.” Unmentioned anywhere in the mainstream, of course, is the long-standing relationship between “Enemy Number One” bin Laden, Al-Queda and US and allied intelligence and how they’re used in the fraudulent “war on terrorism” to manipulate and scare the public enough to go along with anything.

    These comments, published assessments from The National Intelligence Estimate, inflammatory remarks from officials like Michael Chertoff, and accompanying dominant media hyperventilating effectively stoke public fear and may point to a major terror attack ahead on US soil. It will trigger a Code Red Alert if it happens signaling the highest terrorist threat level followed by the likely suspension of the Constitution, imposition of martial law, and end of the republic. The rule of law will be suspended, dissent no longer will be tolerated (it’s already illegal), the military and other security forces will be involved on US soil in strength if needed, and an unmasked full-blown fascist police state will, in fact, henceforth exist.

    It’s arrival may be closer than most imagine in an effort to save the Bush presidency that continues to weaken and begs for a way out of its dilemma. It worked earlier on 9/11 and may soon be unveiled again, even more convincingly, for a president desperate enough to try anything as a Hail Mary scheme to finish out his term, leave office on his own accord, and refurbish what’s left of his tarnished image.

    This is what our military adventurism and single-minded pursuit of empire has gotten us. It’s not to be taken lightly, for if it arrives it’ll be too late. The time to unmask and stop it is now and quickly as Michael Chertoff’s pointing to late summer is fast approaching.

    A “Catastrophic Homeland Emergency” to Justify Attacking Iran

    The Bush administration’s pointing to Iran as a threat to US security is as baseless as the phony WMD and dangerous dictator claims were for war with Iraq. It’s because Washington has wanted regime change in the Islamic Republic since the 1979 revolution toppled the US-reinstalled Shah Reza Pahlavi to power following the CIA-instigated coup in 1953 against democratically elected Mohammed Mossadegh.

    The Bush administration stepped up the current effort earlier citing Iran’s legal commercial nuclear program as a thinly veiled pretext without ever mentioning that Washington encouraged Iranians to develop their commercial nuclear industry during the reign of the Shah. That can’t be revealed because doing it would unmask the hypocrisy of the current belligerency and scare-mongering.

    Through its usual practice of bribes and bullying, the administration got the Security Council to act in its behalf. It passed UN Resolution 1696 in July, 2006 demanding Iran suspend uranium enrichment by August 31. When it refused, Resolution 1737 was passed in December imposing limited sanctions. Resolution 1747 then tightened them further in March, 2007. It imposed a ban on arms sales and expanded a freeze on the country’s assets, in spite of Iranian officials’ insistence (with no evidence to disprove them) their nuclear program is entirely peaceful and fully in accord with the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).

    Nonetheless, harsh rhetoric out of Washington continues with George Bush pushing for additional sanctions (against another Iranian bank and a large military-owned engineering firm) while hyping the concocted threat of Iran’s commercial program that’s no different from those of other NPT signatory states. Iran has been patient but earlier refused to allow IAEA inspectors to visit the Arak heavy water reactor until now. In a spirit of cooperation and facing a possible preemptive US and/or Israeli attack, it’s scheduled to take place before the end of July. Iran also scaled back its enrichment program in a show of good faith and agreed to answer questions regarding past experiments at its facilities to defuse the threat of tougher sanctions and avoid a possible attack that’s real and may be immiment.

    As Iran shows a willingness to cooperate and prove it threatens no other country, the Bush administration renounced NPT and its crucial Article VI pledging nuclear nations make “good faith” efforts to eliminate their arsenals because having them heightens the risk they’ll be used, endangering the planet. While Iran wants peace and nuclear non-proliferation, the Bush administration pursues a reckless agenda including the following:

    – It claims the right to develop new type nuclear weapons, not eliminate any now on hand.

    – It renounced NPT claiming the right to develop and test new weapons.

    – It abandoned the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty (ABM).

    – It rescinded and subverted the Biological and Toxic Weapons Convention.

    – It refused to consider a Fissile Material Cutoff Treaty to prevent nuclear bombs being added to present stockpiles already dangerously too high.

    – It spends more on the military than the rest of the world combined with large future increases planned, starting in FY 2008 up for debate and sure to pass.

    – It claims the right to wage preventive wars under the illegal and frightening doctrine of “anticipatory self-defense” using first-strike nuclear weapons.

    While Iran, in fact, threatens no one, America threatens the planet, and the world community stays silent in the face of a potential disaster if the US wages nuclear war because it can get away with it. What other nation will dare challenge the only remaining superpower in spite of the potential horrendous consequences from such a reckless act.

    Scaring the Public to Death – Act II

    Another earlier discredited campaign is now heating up again as well even though British foreign secretary, David Milliband, discounted its credibility in a July 8 Financial Times interview. It features US claims and hostile rhetoric that the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Quds Force is providing weapons as well as funding, training and arming Shiite and other resistance fighters in Iraq and Afghanistan with no credible evidence to prove it because there is none. It added “Quds Force (and) Hezbollah instructors trained approximately 20 to 60 Iraqis at a time” at camps near Tehran. It’s also using “Lebanese Hezbollah….as a proxy (or) surrogate in Iraq.”

    New York Times hawkish defense reporter Michael Gordon (picking up where the disgraced Judith Miller left off) concluded from this “that Iran has been engaged in a proxy war against American and Iraqi government forces for years.” That kind of belligerent language on the New York Times front page adds fuel to the self-defense rationale for a future military assault against the Iranian state based on spurious accounts like Gordon’s as justification.

    It points toward and seems to confirm what the London Guardian reported a “well-placed” Washington source recently said – that George “Bush is not going to leave office with Iran still in limbo.” It’s Bush’s lips moving but Dick Cheney’s words coming out as he and those close to him (like Iran-Contra criminal, rabid Israel supporter, and deputy national security advisor Elliott Abrams) have long favored direct military action against Iran, including the use of nuclear weapons.

    According to Guardian sources, “The balance (in Washington) has tilted” with George Bush on board with his vice-president, who, as insiders know, calls all the important shots in the nation’s capitol. The Guardian quoted International Institute for Strategic Studies director of studies Patrick Cronin saying “Cheney has limited capital left (a likely dubious claim),” and if he uses it for one aim (like attacking Iran) “he could still have an impact.” The US has a formidable strike force in the Gulf alone to do it with two carrier groups, 50 or more warships with nuclear weapons, hundreds of planes and contingents of Marines and Navy personnel.

    Battle plans have long been in place (and are likely updated as needed) under code or operational name TIRANNT for Theater Iran Near Term. If an attack comes, it will be from the Gulf Naval task force and may also include long-range bombers and other warplanes and missiles based in Iraq and strategic locations like Diego Garcia within easy striking distance of targeted sites. The possibility of it happening is frightening as under a top secret “Interim Global Strike Alert Order” and CONPLAN (contingency/concept plan) 8022, Washington claims the right to preemptively strike targets anywhere in the world using so-called low-yield, extremely powerful, nuclear bunker buster weapons with Iran the apparent first target of choice.

    The only good news from the Guardian (if correct) is that “No decision on military action is expected until next year” with the state department continuing for now to pursue a diplomatic route – that may just be a diversionary smoke screen for what’s planned ahead.

    Reuters reported July 17 that US Ambassador in Kabul William Wood said “There are clearly some munitions coming out of Iran going into the hands of the Taliban. We believe that the quantity and quality of those munitions are such that the Iranian government must know about it.” Defense Secretary Robert Gates made a similar claim a month earlier along with other Washington reports of Iran aiding Shia, other “militant” fighters and “Al-Queda” elements in Iraq, Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in Gaza.

    Tehran rejects these accusations as “baseless and illogical” saying the obvious in reply – that the US military presence in Iraq and Afghanistan and Washington’s one-sided support for Israel causes instability in both regions. The US wants a pretext to strike the Islamic Republic, but the Iranian government isn’t about to provide one. In fact, it’s doing the opposite by cooperating with the IAEA and continues saying it’s willing to engage in constructive diplomacy with the Bush administration.

    On July 16, Iran indicated another round of security-related talks over Iraq with Washington is possible in the “near future” showing again it means what it says. The problem is the Bush administration does not. It continues using hard line tactics preferring belligerence and duplicity with Iran that’s typical of the way it does business overall. It’s willing to negotiate on its own terms only while posing the threat of a military option or economic sanctions against nations unwilling to go along. At the same time, Iran knows CIA and special forces operatives have been engaged in covert activities in the country for many months to destabilize the ruling government.

    In addition, Washington has attempted to build an anti-Iranian Saudi-Jordanian-Egyptian coalition in the region to further undermine Tehran’s influence. The state department has also pressured international banks and other corporations to sever relations with Iran to make the country “scream” the way the Nixon administration did it to Salvador Allende’s Chile and the Bush administration and Israel are now doing it to the democratically elected Hamas government in Gaza. Iran, of course, like Venezuela under Hugo Chavez, is richly endowed with the world’s most in-demand commodity and can keep a good revenue stream coming no matter what.

    The Israel Factor

    When it comes to Iran, Israel is always part of the equation. On July 11, the Senate again showed it’s Israeli-occupied territory (along with the House) by passing 97 – 0 the Lieberman-sponsored S.Amendment 2073 to S.Amdt 2011 to HR 1585 (National Defense Authorization Act for FY 2008). It calls for censuring Iran for its complicity in killing US soldiers in Iraq. It was a clear warning to Tehran claiming unstated evidence its government is using proxy forces to attack US troops on the ground. It follows months of accusations from American commanders that Iran is supplying various kinds of weapons to Iraqi resistance groups with no clear evidence to prove it.

    Israel is in the mix, too, and has warned repeatedly of an attack on Iran as well with prime minister Ehud Olmert earlier in the year saying his country couldn’t risk another “existential threat” with a clear reference to the Nazi holocaust. By it, he and other high-level Israeli political and military officials point to Iran’s commercial nuclear program, falsely claiming Tehran is fanatically and ideologically committed to destroying the Jewish state. It’s nonsense, but it works by stoking fears to get the Israeli public and world opinion on its side for whatever military action is planned in “self-defense.” Other Israeli national security officials have a contrary view, but their assessment gets no press attention. They believe the Iranian government is rational and not about to wage war with Israel, the US, or any other nation.

    Israel and the US know it, but neither state says so publicly. If Iran attacked Israel, it would be committing suicide. It would guarantee a full-scale US and Israeli response, possibly with nuclear weapons, that would devastate the country. In addition, no one mentions that after the ancient Persian empire became Iran in 1935, the country obeyed international laws, never occupied another country, and never attacked or threatened to attack another nation beyond occasional border skirmishes far short of war. It’s only full-scale conflict was defensive in response to Saddam Hussein’s US-backed, equipped and financially aided September, 1980 invasion. The evidence today is overwhelming. Iran threatens no other nation and will only defend itself if attacked.

    It may have to and formally complained to the Security Council criticizing Ehud Olmert and Transportation Minister Shaul Mofaz’s threatening comments. Mofaz made his remarks on a June Washington visit and Olmert gave his in April to the German publication Focus, which he later denied when quoted verbatim. Each official spoke of a possible Israeli attack against Iran’s commercial nuclear facilities with the Israeli prime minister saying Iran’s nuclear program could be struck by 1000 cruise missiles launched over 10 days. He added “It is impossible perhaps to destroy the entire nuclear program but it would be possible to damage it in such a way that it would be set back for years.” One thousand cruise missiles, some with nuclear warheads, would set the whole country back for years, or most any other one.

    On July 11, Israeli Minister of Strategic Affairs Avigdor Lieberman lived up to his notorious reputation as a reckless super-hawk with extremist fascist ideas. He told Israeli Army Radio he got US and European backing for an Israeli military strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities following a meeting with NATO and European Union officials. He said the message he got was that America and Europe are tied down in Iraq and Afghanistan and that Israel should proceed on its own to “prevent the (Iranian) threat herself.”

    Israel may have two fronts in mind according IDF Major General Eyal Ben-Reuven, deputy commander of Israeli forces in last summer’s disastrous war in Lebanon. He spoke at an Institute for National Security Studies conference July 16 assessing the summer, 2006 Lebanon war saying the IDF is “preparing itself for an all-out war (with Syria), and this is a major change in the military’s working premise” following last year’s humiliating defeat at the hands of Hezbollah. General Ben-Reuven said when war breaks out, Syria will suffer mass military and civilian casualties as the IDF is training for a swift and overwhelming invasion “to knock out the areas where (Syrian) missiles are launched….as quickly as possible.” He added “By preparing for an all-out war, we can also deal with Palestinian terror” signaling a possible attack on Hamas in Gaza that may happen at the same time combined with one on Hezbollah as well.

    Haaretz reported July 18 that the UN may be complicit in aiding Israel’s scheme to show Syria’s a threat to regional security as justification for a planned attack. Syrian UN Ambassador Bashar Ja’afari complained in a letter to Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon that Israel is fabricating evidence that his country is supposedly smuggling weapons to Lebanon. He specifically singled out the Secretary-General’s envoy to Lebanon and Syria, Terje Roed-Larsen, who’s long served Western and Israeli interests. His earlier report backed Israel’s unsubstantiated claims that weapons are entering Lebanon through Syria, implying the Syrian government is sending them. Ja’afari also complained about Israel’s border violations, illegal overflight spying missions in Lebanese airspace, and its photographing commercial truck deliveries claiming they’re smuggling weapons.

    This information suggests Israel and the US are targeting all their regional enemies at once with possible plans extending from Iraq to Iran into Syria and also Hezbollah in South Lebanon and Hamas in Gaza. A scheme may be planned much like the way a local mafia don eliminates his enemies to consolidate power. In this case, it’s a global godfather and its regional junior (but powerful and influential) partner doing what a local don would say is taking care of family business. The net result may be to set the whole Middle East aflame, destroy what little influence Washington has left there, jeopardize homeland security, and heighten the risk for retaliation against US and Western interests everywhere.

    It can only worsen further if Pakistan is targeted as well. It may happen, with or without President Pervez Musharraf’s permission, because of claimed Al-Queda safehaven tribal areas in the country posing a regional and wider threat. The Wall Street Journal reported “US policy makers (are) under pressure to eradicate this haven (even though doing it) could spark a local backlash strong enough to topple (the leader) President Bush has called Washington’s strongest ally in the fight against al Queda.” The New York Times sounded the same theme saying “….American officials have been meeting in recent weeks to discuss what some said was….an aggressive new strategy (including) public and covert elements (and) some new (secret) measures to avoid embarrassing General Musharraf.”

    Looking Ahead

    With 18 months left in office and his presidency foundering, George Bush is like a cornered animal desperate enough to try anything to survive. Surrounded by a dwindling, but still potent, number of hard liners, this article suggests a disturbing scenario ahead that bodes ill for the nation and world if it happens. It appears the Bush administration’s scheme involves changing the subject by scare-mongering that may be followed by staging one or more major home-based terror attacks on the order of 9/11, then waging war with Iran on the phony pretext Tehran threatens US and regional security. Further strikes may also be planned against the tribal areas of Pakistan along with backing Israel’s intentions against Syria, Hezbollah, and Hamas. These will be ominous developments if they happen as explained above. In an effort to survive and finish out their term in office, George Bush and Dick Cheney may be willing to gamble everything for what, in the end, can’t be achieved.

    An earlier CIA assessment points out part of the problem. It was blunt and frightening saying if the US attacks Iran, Southern Shia Iraq will light up like a candle and explode uncontrollably throughout the country. It will also likely incite Saudi Shiites who happen to be in the most oil-rich part of the Kingdom, but it very possibly could include the entire Muslim world in armed rebellion against anything American and Western. It’s heading toward that kind of showdown now.

    The US is already a pariah state, losing influence as its recklessness intensifies. Take away its military strength, and it faces an unfriendly world, likely to be less receptive to its demands if it can’t back them up with the muscle it has now or shies away from using what it has. That’s a future possibility, though, not a present one. More immediate is the threat of nuclear war, the end of the republic, and what little is left of constitutional law. That’s along with a nation spending itself into bankruptcy and already, by some measures and analysis, at an impossible to repay $80 trillion or more in unfunded future entitlements and other liabilities. That’s the assessment of economist Laurence Kotlikoff in his 2006 appraisal for the St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank in an article titled “Is the United States Bankrupt?”

    It won’t happen as long as Fed Chairman Bernanke keeps printing money at the same reckless double digit pace Alan Greenspan did before him. They and other Fed chairmen are beholden to the same banking cartel and Wall Street establishment that owns and runs the Federal Reserve for their benefit, not ours. Their scheme is Ponzi-like to monetize continued prosperity as long as the string holds out that can’t forever as former Nixon chief economic advisor Herb Stein once explained earlier. But the longer it does, the worse the outcome when the inevitable end comes with the public set up for the hardest fall like always.

    The present domestic economic turbulence and threatening credit crunch (with global implications) is the result of the following that’s bad enough but no disaster yet:

    – slumping housing,

    – fallout from recklessly leveraged speculation in hedge funds and on Wall Street overall with the Federal Reserve fueling it all,

    – troubled collateralized debt obligations (CDOs) linked to sinking sub-prime mortgage valuations,

    – once AAA-rated residential mortgage-backed securities (RMBS), now downgraded,

    – sinking sub-prime loans,

    – the multi-trillion dollar financial derivatives market speculation Warren Buffet calls “time bombs” and “financial WMDs”,

    – junk bonds getting “junkier,”

    – dollar weakness,

    – inflation much higher than reported and rising because of years of over-spending, over-borrowing and under-taxing,

    – and other potential near and intermediate-term financial trouble sure to surprise if it comes.

    So far, it’s cyclical noise compared to a greater secular meltdown ahead from built-up financial excesses, peak oil, global warming, intensifying ecological disasters, permanent wars on the world, and the full-blown emergence of homeland tyranny.

    This writer takes issue with others who think America is currently in an economic meltdown. Where there’s strong agreement, however, is that one lies ahead, no one knows when precisely, it’ll likely surprise when it arrives, and it may strike like Armageddon when it hits making The Great Depression look tame by comparison and last even longer.

    For now, though, removing the criminal class from Washington, restoring the rule of law, saving the republic, avoiding further wars, and ending the current ones is job one. Failure to do it may mean whatever’s ahead won’t matter. It’ll be too late long before it arrives. Those who care about these things and see the threat better enlist others, do more than complain about it, and act in time collectively to stop it. It can only come from the bottom up, never the other way.

  3. illa morales

    P.S. You might want to look up past history connected with tyranny. Also look into Bush’s family and see where they have rubbed shoulders, and even closer contact, with tyranny in the past. They have the blood of many on theirs hands. Oh but, I’ve shared too much. Look it up or just read all our comments and you might find the piece of the puzzle.

  4. illa morales

    P.S.S. if there’s anything I’ve missed please advise, so I can be more thorough next time..

  5. landers53

    Very well written, illa morales. The only thing that you might have left out is the fact that it doesn’t really matter who is (s)elected for president. They will all dance to the tune of the puppet masters.

    We don’t have a two party system anymore. It is one party with two different names. And those who are in control of just about all the governments of the world are plain and simple pcyshopaths. They have no conscience nor empathy. They care not about the rest of us common people. They care only about themselves and what they want. And that is basically POWER. The power over us little people. The power to kill and destroy at will.

    And the only way we can win against psychopaths, is to learn all we can about them and how to get them out of power.

    There is an article that is a good place to start. It’s titled, “Political Ponerology: A Science on The Nature of Evil adjusted for Political Purposes” and you can find it here:


    Also, a great place to keep up with just about any topic you care to think of is here:


    As has been stated, we don’t have a heck of a lot of time left.

    Thanks for a great article.

  6. Laura

    I understand what you are saying about Israel’s & US goals, but how does Saudi Arabia fit in this picture? They are cozy with the Bush family. They have $ and plenty of AQ terrorists. I thought perhaps the S.A. oil barons were among the war puppetmasters. Separating us from more of our money, cleaning up countrys for them.

    Thank you for putting into words concepts that I have had difficulty expressing, probably due to the overwhelming depair that results from the contemplation.

    I had a very poor opinion of GWB, but now that I also know about the frogs….

    Great links landers, thank you also.

  7. illa morales

    American Dissatisfaction and the Peaceful Grassroots Revolution
    (only 20%, Yes 20% of America agrees with the direction this country has taken)

  8. illa morales

    Fresh Clean Air not a priority but he will take away your grass.

  9. illa morales

    Bush White House Embraces A “Middle Finger” Policy

  10. illa morales

    Oh no, Landers53, I believe that the gratitude should come from my end. Absolutely fascinating links!! You have made my night worthwhile. I’m mighty beholdin’ to ya.

  11. A watts

    Try wearing a tin-foil hat, it may help you. Then again, I doubt anything will. Psychotic paranoia is very hard to cure.
    Tell me this, if the election goes off as planned, will you stop seeing the bogey-man whenever the name Bush is mentioned? Probably not, you are way too far gone, by the looks of this article, for any simple cure. There will always be one more conspiracy.
    Maybe he’ll just appoint his brother! Yeah that’s the ticket; and tthe whole country, being in on it, will go along with it, too, right?
    (Head exploded yet?)
    Carl Rove
    (Head exploded yet?)
    Carl Rove
    (Head exploded yet?)
    Carl Rove
    (Head exploded yet?)
    Carl Rove
    (Head exploded yet?)
    Carl Rove

  12. illa morales

    And A watts feels the need to degrade and belittle a person for speaking their mind and being generous enough to add something for contemplation. You are entitled to your opinion, and so is Landers53. Being respectful doesn’t sound like a schoolyard bully.

    Oh, If you honestly can support this criminal administration I would proudly wear the tin foil hat, for anyone you choose to ridicule.

  13. illa morales

    by the way, it’s spelled BOOGEYMAN, for future reference.

  14. illa morales

    Bush Family Psychosis, A timeline…
    Timeline of Treason: The Bush Family Connections to the Nazis

    Skull and Bones Society formed at Yale.

    Union Pacific Railroad (UPR) bankrupted.

    Union Pacific Railroad sold to Edward Henry Harriman & partner, Judge Robert Scott Lovett. The deal was managed by Kuhn Loeb brokerage of which Felix Warburg was a partner.

    Paul and Felix Warburg immigrate to the United States.

    German Alfred Ploetz founds the Archive for Racial and Social Biology, which becomes the chief journal of the German eugenics or race hygiene movement. Ernst Haeckel popularized eugenics in Germany.

    John D. Rockefeller issues “Occasional Letter No.1” detailing plans to mold the people, reduce national intelligence to the lowest common denominator, destroy parental influence, traditional and customs, and eliminate science and real learning, “in order to perfect human nature”.

    Eugenics laboratory established at Cold Springs Harbor on Long Island constructed by Charles B. Davenport. Cold Springs Harbor was also the location of the estates of both Dulles brothers. Cold Springs facility is funded in excess of $11 million by the Harrimans and the Rockefellers.

    Samuel Bush elected President of Buckeye Steel Castings Co. in Columbus, Ohio. For his entire career, Samuel Bush supplied Wall Street railroads with castings. Later Bush became a close advisor of President Hoover and was the first president of the National Manufactures Association. (NAM). NAM has a history of supporting fascism and later in the 1950s, members of NAM led by Robert Welch formed the John Birch Society.

    Indiana passes the first eugenics law.

    The Rockefeller Foundation was established. The Rockefellers supported the eugenics movement including the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute in Germany.

    John Foster Dulles joins Sullivan and Cromwell.

    Federal Reserve Bank created. Paul Warburg served as a governor of the bank during WWI. At the same time, his brother Max was the head of the German Secret Service.

    With war close at hand Percy Rockefeller took control of Remington Arms & appoints Samuel F. Pryor as CEO.

    Dulles’ uncle Robert Lansing was appointed Secretary of State. Lansing recruited his nephew to go to Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama on the pretext of company business but in reality to sound out the Latin Americans on aiding the US war effort. Costa Rica was led by the vicious dictator Federico Tinoco. Dulles advised Washington to support the dictator, as he was anti-German. Dulles also encouraged the Nicaragua dictator Emianiano Camorro to issue a proclamation suspending diplomatic relations with Germany. In Panama, Dulles offered to let Panama waive the tax on its annual canal fee as long as Panama would declare war on Germany.

    Prescott Bush joins the Skull and Bones. Both his son and grandson George and George W. likewise were Skull and Bones members. Brown Brothers & Harriman had an exceptional number of members during the 1930s.

    Robert Scott Lovett elected president of Union Pacific. Samuel Bush appointed to facilities division of the US War Industries Board chaired by Bernard Baruch & his assistant, Clarence Dillon.

    George Herbert Walker forms W.A.Harriman & Co. Walker is president and CEO.

    Averell Harriman, son of Edward Harriman is the chairman. Averell would later serve as US Ambassador to the USSR 1943-1946 and as US Secretary of Commerce 1946-1948.

    Dulles brothers involved in the treaty negotiations after the war.

    Averell Harriman and George Walker gain control of German Hamburg-Amerika Line. The deal was arranged through the chief executive German Hamburg-Amerika, William Cuno, & Max Warburg of the shipping line’s bankers, M.M. Warburg. The name of the firm was changed to American Ship & Commerce Corp. Samuel F. Pryor of Remington Arms had been involved in the deal & now served on the board of the renamed corporation. Cuno was later a heavy contributor to Nazi Party funds

    Averell Harriman opened a Berlin branch of W.A. Harriman. A U.S. government memorandum dated Oct. 5 1942 to the Executive Committee of the office of the Alien Property Custodian indicates that sometime prior to 1924 Harriman was in Europe and met with Thyssen. They agreed to set up a bank for Thyssen in New York. Additionally, the memorandum indicates Thyssen’s agent; H. J. Kouwenhoven traveled to New York before 1924 in regard to this connection.

    The Model Eugenic Sterilization Law was published by Harry Laughlin. The law led to the sterilization of over 20,000 Americans and service as the basis of the Nuremberg laws adopted by the Nazis.

    Fritz Thyssen begins to contribute to the Nazi party.

    W.A.Harriman & Co invested $400,000 in setting up Union Banking Corp to act in partnership with the Thyssen-owned Bank voor Handel en Scheepvart in Holland. Prescott Bush brought into the firm to manage Union Bank. Prescott was the son in law of George Walker and son of Samuel Bush. Union bank is now in the position to transfer funds back and forth for Thyssen’s United Steel.

    Coinciding with the Dawes Plan, which is discussed elsewhere in this chapter John Foster, Dulles arranged a large loan for Krupp. For the loan Dulles had called Leland Harrison, assistant secretary of state on a Saturday to soft pedal the item in the news. Harrison was infuriated because the department had issued a circular asking to see foreign loans before American funds were exported. Dulles knew however, that Harrison had no authority to stop the loan. Dulles wanted to avoid the State Department’s scrutiny as to whether German factories were producing military hardware. Sullivan and Cromwell at Dulles behest accepted the assurances of Krupp that all military hardware had been destroyed.

    Ethyl Corporation formed jointly by Standard Oil and General Motors.

    By 1925, I.G. had established powerful allies inside the Republican administration. The then Secretary of Commerce, Herbert Hoover appointed a nine-member board, Hoover’s Chemical Advisory Committee. Seated on the committee were Walter Teagle (Standard Oil of New Jersey), Lammot du Pont, Frank Blair (President of Sterling) and Henry Howard (Vice-president of Grasselli). Despite the extensive ties the four had with I.G. they sat on a committee whose role was to help America’s chemical industry fight off the I.G. cartel

    Prescott Bush promoted to Vice-President of W. A. Harriman & Co. Clarence Dillon of Dillon Read, set up the German Steel Trust with Thyssen & partner, Fredrick Flick. According to the terms, Dillon Read would handle the Trust’s corporate banking in return for two Dillon Read representatives being on the board of the German Steel Trust. Albert Voegler was the chief executive of the German Steel trust was. Voegler was another industrialist that was instrumental in bringing Hitler to power. He also held directorships in Thyssen’s Dutch bank and the Hamburg-Amerika Line. Union Bank was not in partnership with Flick’s empire, Silesian Holding Co. Walker, Bush and Harriman owned a third of Flick’s holding company and called their share Consolidated Silesian Steel Corp.

    American I.G. founded as a holding company controlling I.G. Farben assets in the United States. Some board members were Edsel Ford, Charles Mitchell (President of Rockefeller’s National City Bank of New York), Walt Teagle (President of Standard Oil), Paul Warburg (Federal Reserve chairman and brother of Max Warbug, financier of Nazi Germany’s war effort and Director of American I.G.) and Herman Metz, a director of the Bank of Manhattan, controlled by the Warburgs. Three other members of the Board of Governors for American I.G. were tried and convicted as German war criminals.

    Allen Dulles joins Sullivan and Cromwell.

    John Foster Dulles director of GAF Company (American I.G.) until 1934.

    Standard Oil and I.G. Farben begin cartel negotiations

    Harriman bank bought Dresser Industries, supplier of oil-pipeline couplers to Standard and other companies. Prescott Bush became a director and financial czar of Dresser, installing his Yale classmate Neil Mallon as chairman.

    Dulles arranged for the wealthy Czech family, the Petscheks to sell their interest in Silesian Coal to George Mernane. Mernane was used merely to hidthe Petscheks interest. Dulles then sold the shares to his friend Schacht, the Nazi economic minister. After the sale, Dulles became director of Consolidated SilesianSteel Company. Its sole asset was a one third interest in Upper Silesian Coal and Steel Company. The remainder of the shares was controlled by Fredrick Flick.

    W.A Harriman merges with the British firm Brown Brothers. Thatcher Brown, Prescott Bush and the two Harriman brothers were the senior partners in the new firm of Brown Brothers and Harriman. Robert Lovett son of Robert Scott Lovett and a close friend of Prescott Bush became a partner in the new firm. Lovett would later serve as Asst. Sec. for Air during the war, as Under Sec. Of State 1947-1949, as Deputy Sec. of Defense 1950-1951 and as Secretary of Defense 1951-1953. Prescott Bush ran the New York office while the London office of the new firm was ran by Thatcher Brown. Montagu Collet Norman, governor of the Bank of England and close friend of Prescott Bush often staying with the Bush family on his visits to New York was a partner of Brown Brothers. He also was a well-known Nazi sympathizer. His grandfather had been boss of Brown Brothers during the Civil war when Brown Brothers were directly responsible for shipping seventy five percent of the cotton from the south to England.

    Precott Bush and George Walker hosted host of the Third International Congress of Eugenics. The purpose of the event was to call for the sterilization of fourteen million Americans.

    Bank of International Settlements formed.

    On January 4, 1933, Hitler was invited to the Schroeder Bank by a group of industrialists. The industrialists gave Hitler the money to overcome his financial problems in turn for a pledge to break the trade unions. Present at this meeting were two Americans John Foster Dulles and Allen Dulles.

    Hitler assumes power.

    Max Warburg selected by Prescott Bush to be the American Ship & Commerce Line official representative on the board of the Hamburg- Amerika Line. Warburg was a long time advisor of Hjalmar Schacht, the Nazi’s Economic Minister and an executive in the Reichsbank. Warburg was also a close friend with Montagu Collet Norman.

    An agreement to coordinate all trade between Germany & America was reached in Berlin after negotiations between Hitler’s Economics Minister, Hjalmar Schacht & John Foster Dulles.As a result Oliver Harriman, Averell’s cousin formed a syndicate of 150 firms to conduct all business between Germany and the United States.

    North German Lloyd Co. merged with Hamburg-Amerika Line in Hamburg. Christian Beck a long time Harriman executive was placed as manager of ‘freight & operations’ in North America for this newly merged company. Emil Helfferich, an ardent Nazi was appointed chairman of this new company called Hapag-Lloyd. Nazi security guards were now on all ships of the company.

    William S. Farish was appointed chairman of Standard Oil by John D. Rockefeller. Farish was close friends with Hermann Schmitz, chairman of I.G. Farben. Farish hired Ivy Lee, to write pro-I.G. Farben and pro-Nazi propaganda and get it into the U.S. press. He hired Nazi German crews for Standard Oil tankers. In addition, he hired “Emil Helfferich,” chairman of the Hamburg-Amerika Line, as chairman also of the Standard Oil Company subsidiary in Germany. Karl Lindemann, board member of Hamburg-Amerika, also became a top Farish-Standard executive in Germany. The interlock placed Farish and Prescott Bush in a small group of Hitler supporters. Both Emil Helfferich and Karl Lindemann were authorized to write checks to Heinrich Himmler, chief of the Nazi SS, on a special Standard Oil account. This account was managed by the German-British-American banker, Kurt von Schroeder. According to U.S. intelligence documents reviewed by author Anthony Sutton, Helfferich continued his payments to the SS into 1944, when the SS was supervising the mass murder at the Standard-I.G. Farben

    Auschwitz and other death camps. Helfferich told Allied interrogators after the war that these were not his personal contributions-they were corporate Standard Oil funds.

    The US Senate Nye Committee hearings revealed Samuel Pryor, chairman of Remington Arms & founding director of both the UBC & the American Ship & Commerce Corp. had joined in a cartel agreement with I.G. Farben. The committee also uncovered that the Nazis were armed with mostly American arms.

    E. W. Webb, president of Ethyl Corporation was advised that Washington had learned of the intention of “forming a German company with the I.G. to manufacture ethyl lead in Germany. The War Department indicated that there was considerable criticism of this technological transfer. The Ethyl Company was then advised by the Army Air Corps that “under no conditions should you or the Board of Directors of the Ethyl Gasoline Corporation disclose any secrets or ‘know-how’ in connection with the manufacture of tetraethyl lead to Germany.

    With Hitler in solid control of Germany, the profits from the Thyssen-Flick union soared to over a hundred million. Both Union Bank and the Bank voor Handel en Scheepvaart were overflowing with money. Prescott Bush became managing director of Union Bank and took over the day-to-day operations of the German plan.

    John Foster Dulles was publicly supporting the Nazi philosophy. In 1935, he wrote a long article for the Atlantic Monthly entitled “The Road to Peace.” He excused Germany’s secret rearmament as an action taking back their freedom. Knowing what he did about Inco and Germany’s munitions industry Dulles was misleading in asserting Germany’s, Italy’s, and Japan’s desires for peace. Later in the 1930s, Dulles helped organize the American First group. A month before Pearl Harbor he donated $500 to the group. Later he would claim no association with the group. Dulles continued his support of the Nazi line right up to the time Germany invaded Poland. Dulles excuse for the Poland invasion was much like blaming the victim for the crime.

    Ethyl Corporation signed a joint production agreement with I.G. Farben in Germany to form Ethyl G.m.b.H. and with Montecatini in fascist Italy for the production of tetraethyl lead. The directors of Ethyl Gasoline Corporation at the time of this transfer: E.W. Webb, president and director; C.F. Kettering; R.P. Russell; W.C. Teagle, Standard Oil of New Jersey and trustee of FDR’s Georgia Warm Springs Foundation; F. A. Howard; E. M. Clark, Standard Oil of New Jersey; A. P. Sloan, Jr.; D. Brown; J. T. Smith; and W.S. Parish of Standard Oil of New Jersey.

    John Foster Dulles narrowly missed being indicted in a case of Union Electric Company of Missouri, a subsidiary of the North America Company. The SEC had discovered the company operated a slush fund to bribe legislators. The fund received kickbacks from its local lawyers and an insurance company. The firm had bribed the entire Missouri legislator. SEC general counsel Travis Lane cynically attributed the failure to the grand jury to indict Dulles was due to his charm.

    Nuremberg Laws passed in Germany paving the way for the Holocaust.

    The Schroeder Bank in New York merges with the Rockefellers to form Schroeder, Rockefeller & Company, Inc. Carlton P. Fuller of Schroeder Banking Corporation became president and Avery Rockefeller, became vice president.

    By the end of January 1937, Dulles had merged all his cloaking activities into one client account, Brown Brothers Harriman-Schroeder Rock. Schroeder, of course, was the Nazi bank on whose board Dulles sat. The ‘Rock’ was the Rockefellers of Standard Oil, who were already coming under scrutiny for their Nazi deals. At the request of Prescott Bush Dulles had cloaked the Bush-Harriman dealings with the Nazis.

    Hitler invades Poland the war starts in Europe.

    Farish’s daughter Martha married Averell Harriman’s nephew, Edward Harriman Gerry.

    Consolidated Silesian Steel Corporation was located near the Polish town of Oswiecim. When the plan to use Soviet prisoners as forced labor fell through, the Nazis began shipping Jews, communists, gypsies and other minority populations to the camp the Nazis had set up. This was the beginning of Auschwitz. The reason Auschwitz was located there was because of the abundant supplies of coal which could be processed into aviation fuel. I.G. Farben soon built a plant near Auschwitz to take advantage of not only of the nearby coal deposits but also of the slave labor supply available at Auschwitz. According to a Dutch intelligence agent, Prescott Bush managed a portion of the slave labor force in Poland.

    Allen Dulles served on the board of the Schroeder bank. Johns Foster Dulles served as the legal counsel for Schroeder Bank. Schroeder Bank acted as a financial arm of the Nazis.

    Pearl Harbor bombed and war is declared.

    Leo Crowley, the US Alien Property Custodian ordered the seizure of all property of Hapag-Lloyd in Aug. In October, US Alien Property Custodian seized thestock shares of the Union Banking Corp. of New York, whose shareholders were: Chm./Dir. E. Rowland Harriman; Pres./Dir. Cornelis Lievense (banking functionary for the Nazis); Treasurer/Dir. Harold D. Pennington (of Brown Brothers Harriman); Dir. Ray Morris (of Brown Brothers Harriman); Dir. Prescott S. Bush; Dir. H.J. Kouwenhoven (Dir./Chief foreign financial exec. of German Steel Trust); Dir. Johann G. Groeninger (Industrial Exec. In Nazi Germany).

    In the same month, the United States government seized two additional companies: Seamless Steel Equipment Corp. & Holland-American Trading Corp both ran by Union Bank.

    In November, the Nazi assets of Silesian-American Corp were seized leaving the American partners to carry on with business. Seizure of the whole company would have been detrimental to the war effort.

    On March 25, 1942, U.S. Assistant Attorney General Thurman Arnold announced that William Stamps Farish had pleaded “no contest” to charges of criminal conspiracy with the Nazis. Farish was the principal manager of a cartel agreement between Standard Oil and I.G. Farben. The cartel built an industrial plant to produce artificial rubber and gasoline from coal at Auschwitz to take advantage of the slave labor.

    The Deutsche-Amerikanische Petroleum A.G. (DAPAG), the Standard Oil subsidiary in Germany, was 94-percent owned by Standard Oil of New Jersey. Standard Oil of New Jersey was represented in the inner circles of Naziism by Karl Lindemann, director of DAPAG and member of Himmler’s Circle of Friends and by board member Emil Helfrich, who was an original member of the Keppler Circle. Karl Lindemann connections extended into the international banking area as director of several banks, including the Dresdner Bank, the Deutsche Reichsbank, and the private Nazi-oriented bank of C. Melchior & Company

    The Treasury Department revealed to congress that United Steel produced the following percentages of war munitions for the Nazis: Pig iron 50.8%; Pipe & tubes 45.5%; Universal plate 41.4%; Galvanised sheet 38.5%; Heavy plate 36%; Explosives 35%; Wire 22.1%. This is the same firm Prescott Bush acted, as banker for. In effect, Prescott was Hitler’s American banker.

    Allen Dulles sought out a young Naval Officer that had been put in charge of some captured Nazi documents. If the documents surfaced it would have revealed Dulles as a traitor. In a deal to bury the documents, Dulles agreed to finance the young man’s first political race. This was the beginning of the political career of Richard Nixon.

    Project Paperclip begins to import Nazis into the United States.

    Nixon defeated Jerry Voohris for congress with the help of an influx of money from New York centered banks.

    Following the war, authorities seeking to locate the Dutch Royal family’s jewelry discovered the transaction papers of the Silesian American Corporation in the books of Bank voor Handel en Scheepvaart. The bank manager, H.J. Kounhoven came under intense scrutiny and was shocked by the discovery. Soon Kounhoven traveled to New York to inform Prescott Bush. Two weeks later, the otherwise healthy Dutch banker died of a heart attack.

    Prescott Bush defeated in his political race due to his background association with the American eugenics movement.

    Union Bank liquidated. The Bush family received $1.5 million from its interest in Union Bank.

    Prescott Bush elected to senate.

    Prescott Bush instrumental in the selection of Nixon as vice presidential candidate.

    John Foster Dulles appointed Secretary of State.

    Allen Dulles appointed Director of the CIA.

    With money from Brown Brothers and Harriman, George Bush forms Zapata, a front for the CIA.

    CIA under the direction of Allen Dulles help span a coup against Jacobo Arbenz in Guatemala to aid United Fruit. Schroeder Bank was partnered with United Fruit in the banana business. Allen Dulles was a sitting board member of Schroeder Bank. Both John Foster Dulles and Allen Dulles had investments in firms with heavy investments in United Fruit. In addition, the American ambassador at the UN was a stockholder of United Fruit and President Eisenhower’s personal secretary was the wife of United Fruit’s public relations director. The Dulles brothers convinced Eisenhower that Arbenz was a threat to American national security and got his appoval to develop a plan to get rid of the Guatemalan President.

    C. Dillon appointed Secretary of Treasury.

    The Bay of Pigs fiasco. Two of ships were named Houston and Barbara. The CIA code name for the Bay of Pigs was Operation Zapata. tying George Bush to the operation. Additionally in 1981 the year before George Bush was elected vice president all of the SEC records of Zapata between 1960 and 1966 disappeared.

    John Kennedy fires Allen Dulles after the Bay of Pigs.

    John Kennedy assassinated.

    George Bush campaigns against the Civil Rights Act in his bid for election. He lost the election.

    George Bush elected to congress.

    Nixon elected President.

    Zapata attempted to buyout United Fruit another company with strong ties to the CIA and involved in the overthrow of reformed-minded Central American countries.

    George Bush appointed as ambassador to the United Nations.

    Watergate scandal erupts during Nixon’s reelection campaign

    George Bush appointed chairman of the Republican Party. Bush proceeds to set up the ethnic heritage groups in the party. In short, these groups are nothing more than a haven for Nazi émigrés from Eastern Europe. Members of the Republican Heritage Groups Council included Lazlo Paszor, Hungary Arrow Cross member, Radi Slavoff, Bulgarian fascist, Nicolas Nazarenko former SS officer in the Cossack Division, Florian Gaddu, Romanian Iron Guard member, Method Balco Slovakian fascist. Both Allen Dulles and Nixon believed these émigrés were useful in getting out the vote.

    Colby reveals information about secret domestic operations by the CIA: Mokingbird, Mk-Ultra. Cheney seeks Colby’s removal.

    George Bush appointed CIA director by President Gerald Ford, a former member of the pro-Nazi group, American First.

    George Bush allowed the execution of Chilean dissident Orlando Letelier by the fascist regime of Pinochet. Bush was fully informed of the operation of the Chilean Operation Condor program to execute dissidents. Operation Condor was an extensive operation by several South American countries led by Chile to conduct assassinations world wide of dissdents to the fascist military regimes in South America.

    Arbusto Energy Inc founded by George W Bush is sold after proving to be a failure.

    Silverado Banking Savings & Loan shut down by regulators. Neil Bush son of the Vice President and candidate for President was a director. The seizure and investigation had been delayed to after the election.

    Fred Malek, a well-known Nazi collaborator was part of Bush’s campaign for President. Malek would again serve Bush in his 1992 race for reelection. Several Bush campaign staffers forced to resign after it was disclosed they were ex-Nazi war criminals including Laszlo Pastor and Yaroslav Stetsko.

    William Draper served as head of Bush’s campaign funding. Draper’s grandfather had founded the Pioneer Fund to promote eugenics.

    George Bush takes oath of office as President. Places his assets in blind trust managed by William Farish, grandson of the Wiliam Farish that supplied Hitler with gas.

    Following the Gulf War, Bahrain awarded an offshore drilling contract to Harken Oil; a firm affiliated with George W. Bush the son of the President. George W. sells his stake in Harken and one week later the share price collapses.

    George Bush pardons all of the principal players in the Iran-Contra scandal.

    Goerge Bush, the poppy praises Sun Myung Moon in Buenos Aires. The Moon organization is full of ex-Nazis and closely affiliated with the World Anti-Communist League which is also full of ex-Nazis.

    George W. Bush appointed President by 5-4 vote of the Supreme Court.

    Bush ordered military to stand down so the 9/11 attack could take place giving him a mandate to wage war and curtail freedom.

    Patriotic Act passes restricting our constitutional freedoms at the urging of George W. Bush.

  15. illa morales

    these are facts and not delusions of psychosis.

  16. We have to laugh whenever we hear a rabid Bush supporter like A Watts – there never seems to be any substance to their “argument” – just name-calling and nastiness.

    From your comment “A,” this may be difficult for you to comprehend, but our upset is with the actions, not the name.

    And, frankly, the fact that those actions DON’T disturb you is of almost greater concern. The fact that you actually support the President who has done more to remove the liberties guaranteed to you by the Constitution (remember – your George Bush was the one who said “It’s just a goddamned piece of paper.”) is a cause for alarm.

    Trust us on this one – we will be much more gracious if we need to concede that you are right about GW than you will be when you realize that WE are.

    Oh – and by the way – it’s Karl with a K.

  17. Bill Mill

    I couldn’t agree with you more and I might add that the Bush has ordered a Unit to be encamped at the White House door steps. Why? you might ask? To protect him from public uprising. Bill

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