Poor Rudy!


Rudy Giuliani’s Daughter Comes Out For Obama 

The leading Republican for next year’s presidential contest, Rudy Giuliani, is having to contend with the embarrassment of discovering his teenage daughter signed up as a supporter of Barack Obama, one of the Democratic frontrunners.Mr Giuliani, whose family relationships are fraught after a messy divorce, is well ahead of his Republican rivals in spite of reports about his personal life.

His children have already signalled they do not intend to campaign for him. But the Slate political website discovered that his daughter, Caroline, 17, had gone further and signed up to social networking group Facebook’s “Barack Obama (1 Million Strong for Barack)” site.

Read the rest of the article – Guardian.co.uk

  1. illa morales

    Giuliani’s Ex-Top Anti-Terror Aide Says He Would Be A “Terrible” President


  2. illa morales

    Giuliani has stacked his campaign deck with insiders and neocons.


  3. illa morales

    Bill Maher: “I Love America, It’s Americans I Can’t Stand” [VIDEO]


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