To quote this very long and very important post – “…what was a dual nationality cat like Rabbi Zakheim doing in charge of the Pentagon’s money supply? Forget that, what is Chertoff, another dual nationality cat doing in charge of Homeland Security?

Take some time and read it all at Smoking Mirrors

  1. is there a cat in charge of anything in america
    cats are selfish

  2. I can’t help but wonder how much money it would take me to lose my humanity?

    Where I could actually laugh on my way to the bank and not feel as though I was walking on blown apart body parts or smell the smell of war? Is it when I wasn’t afraid of the afterlife, because I have enough money to buy the church I attend and ten priests, ministers, or rabbis to absolve me?

    When could I lend my known name to what I know is a scam game, and take profits from it? What amount of personal profit would cause me to break the law to make sure my husband’s contracts were the ones signed in blind bids? What amount would tempt me to start a war?

  3. illa morales

    I think humanity is not a concept for this administration and I’m afraid they have permanent barcodes on the palms of their hands. Makes grocery self check-out quite interesting, I assume!!

  4. illa morales

    bundles of money going to Israel, hmmmm.
    Israeli PM announces 30 billion US dollar US defence aid

  5. In response to a comment about this post from “Let’s Kill” – you comment will not be approved. Not one person here is suggesting anything approximating your insinuation and we will not engage in a discussion about it. You need to go elsewhere.

  6. This scandal should be resurrected and Congress should be prosecuted for letting Dov get away with this.


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