Romney: My sons aren’t in military, but are serving nation by ‘helping me get elected’

Let’s see…we wonder what the 162,000+ soldiers in the Middle East would choose – to continue their tours of duty or work on a Presidential campaign………..???

From USA Today:

At an “Ask Mitt Anything” forum this morning in Bettendorf, Iowa, GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney was quizzed about whether any of his five sons are serving in the U.S. military.

USA TODAY’s Susan Page, who was there, reports that this was his response:

“The good news is, we have a volunteer Army and that’s the way we’re going to keep it. My sons are adults. They’ve chosen not to serve in the military in active duty and I respect their decision in that regard. … And one of the ways my sons are showing support for our nation is helping me get elected because they think I’d be a great president.”

Romney then spoke about how his son Josh and his family are driving across Iowa in a recreational vehicle to help promote the campaign.

The questioner, 41-year-old Rachel Griffiths of Milan, Ill., told Susan later that she is not a Republican and is in fact a member of a “Progressive Action for the Common Good.”

Asked if she was satisfied by Romney’s answer, Griffiths said:

“Of course not. He told me the way his sons are showing support for the military of our nation is to buy a Winnebago and tour across Iowa and help him get elected.”

Maybe one of the prerequisites for being the commander-in-chief and sending kids off to war should be sending your children as well.  Then when you look soulfully at the camera and announce how you can feel the pain of the families of the soldiers – you’d actually be telling the truth!


  1. illa morales

    Aren’t GWB’s daughters the correct age also?

  2. There is no DRAFT–we have a VOLUNTEER military. There are plenty of patriots who have not served in the armed forces!

    That said, the sacrifice of all those who have gone to war is incredible and we should all honor them. Mitt acknowledged this great sacrifice in the Iowa debate.

    While I’m VERY grateful for all the young soldiers out there, we must not look down on those who have chosen a different path.

  3. illa morales

    We’re not looking down on people for not going to war, just the people in gov’t who are happy to see other people’s children in war but not there own. War supporters, as long as it’s not there own going, is very elitist.

  4. lemare – we certainly agree with you – there are millions of us that consider ourselves to be patriots and have chosen not to go to war. We believe, however, that our leaders need to be held to a different standard. If the President is willing to send your son or daughter to war, he or she should be willing to make the same sacrifice.

    We take issue with GW announcing his empathy for military families – it has a hollow ring to it, given his seemingly dicey military history and the fact that he does not have a child in the same situation.

    We have the hope that fewer unnecessary wars would be started if the leaders’ own kids were in harm’s way.

  5. illa morales

    Another good john stewart on president bush in his own words…

  6. illa morales

    Being a devout Mormon says a lot about Mitt Romney. Read more about the Mormons and their history of Blacks, Chinese and other people of Color.

  7. illa morales

    All the candidates voiced strong support for equal rights and government benefits for gay Americans, though the three leading candidates said they opposed same-sex marriage.

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