Zimbabwe President Signs Eavesdropping Bill

By: Nicole Belle on Saturday, August 11th, 2007 at 10:03 AM – PDT

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe on Friday signed into law the controversial Interception of Communications Bill, which gives his government the authority to eavesdrop on phone and Internet communications and read physical mail.

The legislation has drawn outspoken opposition from the political opposition and civil society organizations as trampling on the civil rights of Zimbabweans.

Spokesman Nelson Chamisa of the opposition Movement for Democratic Change faction of Morgan Tsvangirai called it an addition to “the dictator’s tool kit.”[..]

Human rights lawyer Otto Saki told VOA that the law interferes and undermines the enjoyment of rights enshrined in the constitution and is a sign Mr. Mugabe wants to consolidate his power by “any means necessary or unnecessary.”

But Communications Minister Christopher Mushowe said Zimbabwe is not unique in the world in passing such legislation, citing electronic eavesdropping programs in the United States, the United Kingdom and South Africa, among other countries.

Did you find yourself being horrified and angry at Mugabe for doing that to his people?  Look around – we have now become the example, the inspiration, and the justification for the loss of civil liberties throughout the world.  Our Founding Fathers would be so proud at the shining beacon the United States of America has become.  Thanks W!


  1. illa morales

    more corruption back in the US
    Bush, Colombia and Narco-Politics

  2. illa morales

    more corruption, Police on terror alert over theft of top secret records on computer database

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