Bush’s Brain Leaves

TOP White House political adviser Karl Rove, the mastermind behind President George W.Bush’s political campaigns in 2000 and 2004 and the man known as “Bush’s brain”, will resign at the end of the month.

Read the rest of the story – it’s “for [his] family.”


  1. illa morales

    ANALYSIS – US Congress Goes After Big Oil’s Tax Breaks

  2. illa morales

    Discussion on what is an activist and what is a revolutionary organizer

  3. illa morales

    Not the Legacy Rove Had in Mind. Karl Rove will be remembered for two things from his time at the White House: incompetence and duplicity

  4. illa morales

    Broder again claimed that Bush’s predecessors “have enjoyed” fast-track authority

  5. illa morales

    What they are blind and deaf to is the cold and bloody fact that the people of Iraq have already spoken, and they have told us to get all of our troops out in a very loud voice.

    Nowhere in the discussion is heard a word about how the citizens of Iraq feel about our genocidal presence. You’d think that the USA wasn’t guilty of an illegal war. A small band of egomaniacs plotted to destroy Iraq, and now the choice of whether to stay there or not isn’t ours to make.


  6. illa morales

    Bush’s ‘Boy Genius’ leaves White House
    Rove likely to be recalled as a master campaign strategist who failed at day-to-day governance

  7. illa morales

    Countdown with Olbermann, End of Rove

  8. illa morales

    Cheney, who reportedly masterminded the vendetta campaign against Wilson himself, thought that Rove blamed the scandal on Libby, who he considered a scapegoat. Rove and Cheney have been at each other’s throats since.

  9. illa morales

    The Real Reason for Rove’s Resignation

  10. illa morales

    Rove didn’t just break the Republican Party. Rove also leaves behind a broken president, a broken army, a slew of broken laws and a broke country. Karl Rove Is No Genius, He’s a Failure.

  11. illa morales

    Karl Rove Can Run, But He Can’t Hide From Congress

  12. illa morales

    Corruption – Native American Community Shocked by Senate Republican Steering Committee Commitment to Fight All Bills Helping Native People

  13. illa morales

    Fed pumps $7 billion into banking system
    Central bank follows up last week’s cash infusion with a smaller move designed to keep interest rates from rising above the federal funds target.

  14. illa morales

    U.S. to Expand
    Domestic Use
    Of Spy Satellites

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