As we mentioned in a comment to our post about the draft, there is a formula to get you to think a certain way. It is “Problem – Reaction – Solution” (usually all supplied by the same group).

The formula as put forth by Aristotle:

Exordium – A shocking statement or story to get attention

Narratio –  You pose the problem the reader/listener is having

Confirmatio – You offer a solution to the problem

Peroratio – You state the benefits of action on the solution

Watch what’s going on around you and if/how it fits the formula. You are being sold.


  1. illa morales

    Bush and Republicans Praying for Another 9/11-like Terror Attack
    A. Alexander, August 16th, 2007
    Close your eyes and relax. Breathe in slowly, deeply and then, while counting to ten … exhale completely. Do you see it? Can you picture the dark room with the high ceilings, ornate trim around the windows and doors, and a large four-post bed carefully situated in the corner? On the bed, under the sheet and comforter, a woman is curled into a little ball with her butt pointing toward the far wall. Kneeling next to the bed with elbows perched firmly upon the mattress, his fingers laced tightly together and resting against his silently moving lips, a boyish looking man wearing what appear to be “jammies” — “jammies” complete with little footies — prays to his convoluted understanding of God. Can you picture that scene in your mind’s eye?

    That is what is left of George W. Bush’s foreign policy: A desperate and pleading prayer.

    “Please, Dear Lord,” his prayer might begin, “I’ve made a mess of the entire world and have been found to be an Emperor, who is as naked as Dick Cheney is in the last throes of sanity. Heavenly Father, I’m more desperate than Ann Coulter in search of attention. I’m ‘The Decider’, and I’ve decided that only You can save me, my corporate backers and the Republican Party. God in Heaven, please, I beg of you, make al-Qaeda blow up an American landmark and kill a few more thousand people. It is the only hope I have of continuing my wholly falsified war in Iraq. Amen.”

    That is a pretty pathetic image, isn’t it? Yet, it is probably more accurate than most Americans will ever know. Every time a person turns on the news, Mister Bush or his surrogates are using terrorism, or the threat of terrorism, or the possibility of a terror attack as justification for continuing their war or as an excuse for repealing even more civil liberties. It is as strange as it is cowardly and weak.

    Still, that is all Mister Bush and Cheney and the Republican Party have left: the hope and prayer that — between now and November, 2008 — terrorists will attack the United States. They aren’t exactly hiding their desire. Certainly FOX News’s John Gibson isn’t hiding his hope for another 9/11-like attack. The administration and their surrogates have said things like, “Boy, how soon the American people forget what happened on 9/11,” or “When the next 9/11 happens, then the people will learn,” or “After the next big terror attack, then the people will see the wisdom of George W. Bush’s war in Iraq.”

    The last is most interesting because, honestly, what did Mister Bush’s need to invade Iraq, have to do with 9/11 or terrorism?

    Go ahead, close your eyes and relax. You can see him in that dark room, kneeling next to the bed and praying, can’t you? You know you can….

  2. illa morales

    In a public brief, Eisenberg described cryptically what happened June 26, when he and his co-counsel Steve Goldberg had to write their sealed response brief under what he called “highly unusual and objectionable restrictions imposed by the government.”,0,3599833.story?coll=la-home-center

  3. illa morales

    “Impeach Bush” Defendant Tells His Story

  4. illa morales

    “No American President can stand up to Israel.”

  5. illa morales

    What part of illegal, unconstitutional and treasonous don’t people understand? Part 4

    Conspiracy to Destroy America

  6. illa morales

    A US anti-war group has been warned it will be fined 10,000 dollars if it does not remove posters in Washington announcing a march in the capital next month against US involvement in Iraq

  7. illa morales

    ACLU: Patriot Act, Free Speech Clash

  8. illa morales

    Bush secrecy on domestic spying under fire

  9. illa morales

    Acknowledging the odds are against them, relatives of the September 11 attacks filed a 15-count, $116 trillion lawsuit Thursday against the company run by Osama bin Laden’s family, Saudi Arabian princes and Sudan

  10. illa morales

    Washington – A secret court caught in the middle of a fierce political debate over the government’s wiretapping powers took a step toward greater transparency on Friday.

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