Erin Burnett of CNBC Says China is Our Greatest Friend Right Now – and You’ll NEVER Guess Why!

“…if China were to re-value their currency or China is to stop making safe toys that don’t have lead in them or food that isn’t poisonous – their costs of production are going to go up and that means prices at Wal-Mart here in the United States are going to go up, too, So I would say China is our greatest friend right now. They’re keeping prices low…”

Be thankful for poisoned food and unsafe toys because they’re cheap?!


  1. illa morales

    They should, they’re like Bush’s sibling separated at birth. China’s genocide against the Tibetans, their connection with Darfur, looks awfully familiar to the homeland superiority.

  2. illa morales

    A. Alexander, August 17th, 2007 The corporate-owned media here in America is telling me that I’m supposed to care about the fact that George W. Bush’s daughter, one of the fortunate wealthy not required to fight in the President’s growing list of lost wars, is getting married. No doubt she is marrying some rich kid who, like herself, takes time to cheer on his soon-to-be father-in-law’s losing wars … and like his future wife, will never be expected to serve in those wars. Anyway, the corporate-owned media seems to think I should care about Mister Bush’s daughter and her pending nuptials, but I don’t…

  3. illa morales

    Parallel Olympic Torch Relay Highlights Ongoing Genocide

  4. illa morales

    China claims U.S. soybeans tainted
    China, on the defensive over the safety of its products, lashed out Wednesday at the U.S. by claiming its soybean exports contained pesticides, poisonous weeds and dirt and blaming American manufacturer Mattel Inc. in part for lead tainting that prompted the recall of millions of toys.

  5. illa morales

    China’s increasing hold over Kazakh oil

  6. illa morales

    Children as young as 10 are working in mines in the central Asian country of Kyrgyzstan, a BBC report has revealed.The mines are full of tunnels and the kids are being used because their size makes it easier for them to get around.There aren’t many jobs

  7. illa morales

    Chinese official says toy recalls a result of new standards, not poor quality

  8. illa morales

    China searches for 8 kg of “missing” uranium

  9. illa morales

    Hundreds of mentally handicapped people have been rescued from slavery in Chinese brickyards & other workplaces. At least 1340 people, including 367 who are mentally handicapped, have been taken from brick kilns, mines and other forced labour situations.,,2-10-1462_2164008,00.html

  10. illa morales

    BEIJING (Reuters) – China has launched a four-month “war” on tainted food, drugs and exports, state media reported on Friday, as beleaguered officials embraced time-tested campaign tactics to clean up the country’s battered image.

  11. illa morales

    If China wants to be a host of the Olympics they also have to be open enough to discuss what’s going on the destruction of Tibetan culture, abuse of minorities including the Tibetans and Falun Gong. China has a horrendous human rights situation..

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