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Defense Contractor Openly Using God to Sell War in Iraq 

A major defense contractor for the military and Homeland Security claimed that the United States is morally obliged to maintain a permanent presence in Iraq for the sake of God.

“If we stay and rebuild Iraq, we will demonstrate to the world that we remain the best force for good in the world,” Charles Patricoff, Sr. Contract Manager for Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp, said. “More importantly, we as Christians can better influence that region for the Kingdom of God.”

Patricoff pointed out that the American Civil War was more unpopular than the current war in Iraq and 630,000 men died during the fight to end slavery and gain liberty for African-Americans.

“Look at how we helped rebuild Germany and Japan after World War II,” he added. “Because of the good we did there and are doing in Iraq, I don’t believe we should ever leave Iraq.”

Ball Aerospace, based in Boulder, Colorado, manufactures spacecraft, lasers, tactical instruments & sensors, and other components is part of the team that supports the missile defense system initiated by President George W. Bush.

The defense contractor reported 2006 sales of $6.6 billion and employs 15,500 people.