The Mattel Toy Recall

Since this is our blog, we’re going to use it today to make an observation outside our normal limits. This post has virtually nothing to do with politics but rather the general ideology of our time.

Several years ago, there was a problem with tanker trucks and legislation had to be enacted to prevent truckers who carried hazardous materials from carrying anything else. You see, a surprising number of truckers were hauling hazardous chemicals one way and orange juice the other, with a just simple rinse between trips. The fact that laws had to be made to make this activity illegal is appalling to us. When does common sense and plain human decency come into play?

What reminded us of this scenario was a story about the quandary Mattel now faces with the volume of recalled Chinese toys tainted with lead. (Read the story.)

To risk contaminating ground water if they are sent to a landfill is unbelievable. Worse to us is the fact that many of the toys may end up in thrift stores – sent there either by Mattel or by parents who purchased the toys from a retail outlet and now just want them out of reach of their own children.  That these toys could find their way into the homes of poor kids whose parents shop at thrift stores because their income is low is unconscionable – whether on the part of Mattel or another parent.

We watch our “leaders” act without conscience or integrity and rage at their behavior. What does the tanker episode or now the recalled toy disposal say about the rest of us? We forget sometimes that we’re all in this together – and if each and every one of us doesn’t take a stand for personal integrity, we deserve what we get!


  1. Laura

    I live in the US where Mattel formerly had their factories. I know hundreds who have still not found new jobs, as the other main industries were, aerospace and servicing a naval base that is now a Chinese port.

    I worked with plastic companies for awhile, providing the color. I watched as factory after factory closed up, not just the Mattel factories, but some who depended on the subcontracts. Men who made the mold for the original Barbie. We hired a salesman for Mexico to try to regain some of the lost business, but when GWB made his “great trade deal” with the Chinese, it just wasn’t enough sales to keep me, or several others working.

    Perhaps what goes down, comes around; and Mattel will be as hurt as the hundreds of families they dumped.

  2. illa morales

    I thought my orange juice tasted strangely like,

  3. illa morales

    exactly, WELL SAID.

  4. illa morales

    Sound like home…Aged 19, Tsering Samdup from Pembo County, near Lhasa in Tibet, was incarcerated for six years by the Chinese authorities for taking part in a four-person, peaceful demonstration.

  5. illa morales

    Efforts to crack down on lead paint thwarted by China, Bush Administration

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