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    Your past is Not your Future. From your lips to God’s ear, my friend!!

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    Backed by millions in Homeland Security dollars, California law enforcement authorities are quickly expanding video surveillance camera spying in public rights of way, a move the American Civil Liberties Union says is stripping away privacy rights

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    THE UNSEEN LIES:Journalism As Propaganda

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    “people often cannot calculate in advance the effects of their actions. Indeed, they sometimes never even hear of the results. Nonetheless, their endeavors can sometimes monumentally change a life or add momentum to a cause….”

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    The freedom to travel has joined habeas corpus and freedom from unwarranted searches on America’s endangered rights list.

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    Sept. 15: Impeachment Movement Comes to Washington

    By plane, train, cars and buses thousands of ImpeachBush.org members are traveling from all 50 states to Washington DC for a massive march on September 15 demanding Impeachment and an end to the war in Iraq.

    “Each and every one of us must do all that we can to support the major Peace/Impeachment demonstration in Washington, DC on September 15, 2007, backed by more than a million votes for impeachment, and accelerating. The rally will begin at 12 noon at the White House, followed by a march to the Capitol.”
    –Ramsey Clark

    Please make a donation today by clicking this link.

    If you need a ride to DC it is urgent that you contact a volunteer transportation center in your area now and buy your bus ticket on one of the many chartered buses coming to Washington DC. Click this link to find a transportation center near you. The buses have to be paid for now so it is important that you make a reservation and get your ticket.

    If you would like to be a transportation contact for your area, click this link.

    If you cannot personally come to DC but want to help others come, please make a donation today by clicking this link. You can make a secure on-line donation or send a check.

    Government Fines September 15 Organizers $10,000 for putting posters

    One of the anti-war organizations mobilizing for the September 15 protest was fined $10,000 for putting up posters promoting the rally in Washington DC. This is an unprecedented action. The ANSWER Coalition is mobilizing political support and is filing a lawsuit against the DC government for this outrageous attempt to stifle the September demonstration. The group has said that it will not pay one penny for the exercise of its First Amendment rights.

    Bush’s Interior Department is also threatening other large financial penalties against the group. The posters have been put up for earlier demonstrations. They conform to the government regulations and are completely legal. This is one more attack on Free Speech rights and an attempt to repress and criminalize those who are mobilizing against the Bush government.

    The last thing Bush and Cheney want to see is a huge mass demonstration calling for Impeachment and End to the War at the moment that General David Petraeus makes his scheduled report to Congress about the “progress of the Iraq war.” Led by Iraq war veterans and their families, September 15 is shaping up as the biggest political showdown in recent years.

    Please tell your friends and families to get on the bus and come to Washington DC on September 15.

    We need to raise a huge amount of money for buses, posters, leaflets, sound and stage and the other expenses. We have no corporate funding. The ImpeachBush.org movement will succeed only because of the support from you and others who understand that impeachment is the defining issue for this country and its future.

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    The deadline is fast approaching, but for a few more days you can help Amnesty prepare for the most decisive weeks ahead in our year-long America I Believe In campaign.

    Last week, I wrote to tell you about a group of generous Amnesty donors that has challenged us to raise money to expand our work to stop torture. They have pledged to match your contribution dollar-for-dollar up to $250,000 if made by August 31st.

    It couldn’t have come at a better time. We’ve made real progress this summer in our effort to repeal the Bush Administration’s disastrous policies that have undermined our nation’s fundamental respect for the rule of law and human dignity.

    But there is so much still to be done. If we can raise the full amount, Amnesty will have the funding to intensify pressure this fall by:
    Mobilizing citizen delegations to visit House and Senate leaders to push for restoring habeas corpus, ending the practice of extraordinary rendition, stopping torture, and closing Guantánamo prison

    Growing our campaign at the grassroots, in the media, and around the globe

    Dispatching activist teams to conduct in-district meetings with members of Congress before key votes
    The outrage that you and I have felt at watching our nation’s leadership on human rights deteriorate and abuses escalate is finally being heard. But we need your help to keep building this citizen-powered movement, which cuts across generations and party lines. In the words of former Secretary of State Colin Powell, “we have shaken the belief that the world had in America’s justice system by keeping a place like Guantánamo open.”

    Whatever your relationship with Amnesty – a lifelong member, grassroots organizer, or occasional online activist – now is the time to take your commitment to ending human rights abuses to the next level. Your donation, which will be doubled if made by August 31st, will help ensure that Amnesty has the resources we need to win these critical battles ahead.

    Thank you again for your commitment to restoring the America We Believe In.

  10. illa morales

    Signs point to rekindling of Cold War mentality

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    A Date Certain on Darfur
    After four years of brutal raids, ethnic cleansing and systematic rape in Darfur, Sudan — and nearly three years after the Bush administration declared this a genocide — the U.N. Security Council has finally approved a credible peacekeeping force.

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    I understand that President Musharraf (of Pakistan) has his own challenges. But let me make this clear. There are terrorists holed up in those mountains who murdered 3,000 Americans. I understand I am a liar and criminal and will not win the presidency

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    Fairport, NY – Police arrested three anti-war demonstrators for allegedly trespassing at the privately-owned district office of Congressman Randy Kuhl (R – NY),

  14. illa morales

    If 3,000 people had not died on September 11, 2001, a report released by the CIA’s inspector general would be laughable. “A CIA report released Tuesday blames the top leadership of the agency for major lapses in fighting al-Qaida….” (Yah, right!)….

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    FORWARD OPERATING BASE HAMMER, Iraq – An Iraqi man saved the lives of four U.S. Soldiers and eight civilians when he intercepted a suicide bomber during a Concerned Citizens meeting in the town of al-Arafia Aug. 18. The incident occurred while Soldiers

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    The Bush administration, continuing its fight to stop states from expanding the popular Children’s Health Insurance Program, has adopted new standards that would make it much more difficult for New York, California and others to extend coverage to children in middle-income families.

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    “The fundamental question is, `Will the government respond to the demands of the people?’ And, if the government doesn’t demand _ or respond to the demands of the people, they will replace the government. That’s up to the Iraqis to make that decision, not

  18. illa morales

    The 2008 presidential field is more crowded than you think. Dave Barry is running, too. Not only that, he’s got some views about his opponents and the ’08 campaign

  19. illa morales

    Bush Era as a Reanactment of the American Civil War
    It is true that, in some way, the Bushite regime represents the worst of the cultures of both the North and the South. This fascist set of forces includes both the greed and heartlessness that characterized some Yankee capitalists and the false piety

  20. illa morales

    Are You a Free American Sovereign, or a Blind American Slave?

  21. illa morales

    Opening Pandora’s Box is typically the consequence of some kind of extremism, and “extremism” is a radical understatement for what’s been happening in America for the last seven years. The religious fanatics have been going absolutely

  22. illa morales

    Changing themselves for the rulers is an easy task. When they feel that they can win an election and gain power by bowing at the feet of a man, they will never hesitate to bow. Almost all the people and religions agree on one point Almost all the people and religions agree on one point – that telling lies is a huge sin – however, they will never hesitate to speak the lies and befool the masses.


  23. illa morales

    Amnesty International-tear down GuantaNamo Bay
    Call to Action

  24. illa morales

    “If that is our choice, just like humanity paid once the price for the ‘will’ of the Almighty Creator through the actions of Hitler, we are once again bound to pay the price for the ‘will’ of God through the actions of Bush.”

  25. illa morales

    Report to Congress on Implementation
    of Section 1001 of the USA PATRIOT Act

    Click to access final.pdf

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