It’s Not WHAT You Know, It’s WHO You Know

From the – Federal No-Bid Contracts On Rise

A recent congressional report estimated that federal spending on contracts awarded without “full and open” competition has tripled, to $207 billion, since 2000, with a $60 billion increase last year alone. The category includes deals in which officials take advantage of provisions allowing them to sidestep competition for speed and convenience and cases in which the government sharply limits the number of bidders or expands work under open-ended contracts.

Government auditors say the result is often higher prices for taxpayers and an undue reliance on a limited number of contractors.


  1. illa morales

    It’s always a good idea to take a really bad practice and employ it more often….

  2. illa morales


  3. illa morales

    So open competition is now the exception, not the rule.

  4. illa morales
    American democracy is in deep trouble because Congress is awful.

  5. illa morales

    A Boycott Of Israel: Something Has Changed

  6. illa morales

    Yesterday, Sen. John Warner (R-VA), a senior and respected member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, called on President Bush to begin a troop withdrawal from Iraq. Warner said Bush should announce in September that a few thousand U.S. troops will re

  7. illa morales

    U.S. forces have rebranded one of the main insurgent groups in Iraq and now use the term “concerned local nationals” to refer to a group that once claimed responsibility for killing scores of Americans.

  8. illa morales

    Greatness is, to be fair, the rarest of human conditions. We see it only rarely and, if we’re real lucky, greatness appears, seemly out of nowhere, at extraordinary times to save our mortal cookies in just the nick of time.

  9. illa morales

    Leaders of Bilderberg have gathered the appropriate flunkies at the Fairmont Le Chateau Montebello, about 50 miles outside Quebec, to accomplish a North American Union without congressional action

  10. illa morales

    New York Times Drops Kucinich and Gravel from the Race

  11. illa morales

    US Funnels Aid to Coptic Christians, Documents Show

  12. illa morales

    Muslim American Detained at Border for Fifth Time, Agent Asks Him about Article at

  13. illa morales

    After his recent visit to Baghdad, French Foreign Minister warns the world that Iraq is a problem everyone must take responsibility for. And he reaffirms France’s friendship with the United States.

  14. illa morales

    US won’t tell Britons why they’re banned from travelling to America

  15. illa morales

    How Bush Allowed an Army of For-Profit Contractors to Invade the U.S. Treasury

  16. illa morales

    “greed is one of the original Seven Deadly Sins (aren’t ‘Conservative Republicans supposed to be worried about sin). Greed is the foundation of all corporate existence. Greed kills and, logic dictates, institutions based upon greed, kill too.”

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