Alberto Gonzales Resigns

To quote John Edwards:

“Better late than never.”

  1. illa morales

    I think all Bush officials who have committed illegal acts and are prone to indictment will be leaving before the end of the year in order for their attorneys to evaluate the charges and prepare leniency pleas. What would be the point of staying until this administration ends? Cheney should be next and I predict by Labor Day.

  2. illa morales

    by robertgreenwald

    What a joyous day! I’m watching Alberto Gonzales resign right now to “be with his family.” He and Rove will have lots of quality time together!

    Congratulations on your work, your efforts, your signatures. When we all started the campaign to impeach Gonzales it seemed a far and distant possibility. But we learn, once again, that taking the lead, taking the initiative, and using our tools with the new media can have an impact. Nothing like seeing a clip of his lies spread around to hundreds of thousands!

    So enjoy, celebrate, and look forward to more battles and victories ahead.

  3. illa morales

    August 27th, 2007 by sphyrnatude
    Alberto is retreating. Good riddance. However, his comments about “protecting american civil liberties” are so insane as to be insulting.

  4. illa morales

    As often happens with high level administration resignations, it wasn’t too long after news broke of the departure of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales before speculation over his replacement reached a feverish pitch.

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