Rudy Giuliani on Freedom

“Freedom is not a concept in which people can do anything they want, be anything they can be. Freedom is about authority. Freedom is about the willingness of every single human being to cede to lawful authority a great deal of discretion about what you do.”

Read the entire article – The Rocky Mountain Chronicle

  1. illa morales

    If this is what he considers freedom, no wonder he’s been married three times!! Why do I feel the need to scream and run?

  2. Monty Womack

    Of all the irrelevant rantings with which Ms. Morales has bombarded each report on this Web site, the comments about Guiliani’s marital record is the most ridiculous, and has no bearing on his qualifications to run this country

    Everyone needs to read the article(s) and make relevant comments. Trying to be the only voice on every issue and crowd out other voices only weakens the Say-When effort.

    People whom I have sent to this web site looking for a venue to express their own weariness of politics as usal from BOTH parties in Washington, leave here wondering if it is a one woman show just about hating Republicans. And, more importantly, THEY DON’T COME BACK!!

    I believe in Freedom of speech, but let’s not filibuster.

    Mr. Guliani is correct that true freedom comes with rules that govern our behavior. That does not mean he is correct in the way he ran New York, it just means he can make a good speech about Freedom.

    What alot of Americans recall is that at the time we were running in circles wondering if the sky was indeed falling, Mayor Guiliani was the only leader in our country who was out in front leading. Bush was immobilized by ignorance in a classroom in Florida and Cheaney was bunkered down figuring out how to turn this into A war with Iraq. The article does a good job of pointing out Guiliani’s track record PRIOR to 9/11. I hope a lot of people read it and realize we could be trading one quasi-dictator for another, even if he is more liberal on social issues.

  3. illa morales

    Unfortunately, sense of humor doesn’t always transfer in 2D. But please know I’m just as disappointed in Democrats as republicans. As for filibustering the say-when community, I thank you for your honesty and I apologize for not knowing blog Etiquette.

  4. Monty Womack

    Hey, no harm no foul. We are all out for the same thing, to get people motivated to unite toget our country back to the position of respected world leader. Glad you took this in the spirit intended, not to hurt you, but to help open up the dialog for the cause. Peace out.

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