Iran’s parliament votes to label CIA, U.S. Army ‘terrorist’ groups

It’s our observation that as the United States government continues its current foreign policy and its push to bring our form of government to countries that may not want it, the status of the U.S. as the arbiter of world affairs is diminishing. We can no longer announce that we are “the deciders” of world policy and not expect repercussions.

Other governments will take a page from the handbook the U.S. has been using and turn our treatment of them back on us.

We are on a steep and slippery slope here – and, after watching “the debates,” there appears to be no hope that the frontrunners in the 2008 campaign offer anything different. A different approach needs to be put forth – and we’re the ones who need to demand it. No more “lesser of two evils” – it’s time for NO evil!

The Iranian parliament on Saturday voted to designate the United States’ Central Intelligence Agency and the U.S. Army as terrorist organizations, IRNA, the country’s state-run news agency, reported.

The CIA and the U.S. Army “trained terrorists and supported terrorism, and they themselves are terrorists,” the parliament said, according to IRNA.

The Iranian parliament said the condemnation was based on “known and accepted” standards of terrorism from international regulations, including the U.N. charter.

The parliament said it condemns the “aggressions by the U.S. Army, particularly in Iraq and Afghanistan” and calls on the United Nations to “intervene in the global problem of U.S. prisons in Guantanamo Bay, Abu Ghraib and secret jails in other countries,” IRNA reported, quoting a statement from Iranian lawmakers.

The Iranian parliament also decried the CIA’s and U.S. Army’s involvement in the 1945 bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in World War II, U.S. involvement in the Balkans, Vietnam and the U.S. support of Israel.

Of the condemnation, Paul Gimigliano, a CIA spokesman, said, “There are some things that don’t even deserve comment. This is one.”

National Security Council spokesman Gordon Johndroe said he declined to comment “on non-binding resolutions passed by parliaments in countries with dubious records on human rights, democracy and that are state sponsors of terror.”

There was no immediate response from the U.S. State Department.

Washington and U.S. military leaders have long accused Iran of training and equipping insurgents in Iraq. The United States and Iran have not had formal diplomatic relations since 1980 after Iranian militants stormed the U.S. Embassy in Tehran and held Americans hostage for 444 days.

The Iranian lawmakers’ condemnation was in apparent retaliation for the U.S. Senate’s resolution Wednesday requesting that the United States designate Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, or Quds Force, as a foreign terrorist organization.

The Senate resolution passed a day after Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad told the U.N. General Assembly that an agreement reached last month between his country and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) over its disputed nuclear program has, in the Iranian view, settled the matter.

Iran says its nuclear program is necessary for civilian energy production. The United States and other Western nations have accused Tehran of trying to build a nuclear weapon.



  1. haider

    iran should not criticize blatantly the american effort to extirpate the terrorist activities.american cia has rightly pointed out the terrorist activities of the organizations in the name of islam,such organization are inviting international opprobrium to the islamic world not a senseable muslim can deny this must be fair and impartial while giving such touchy comments which could instigate the ethnic feelings and conseqently transform the glob into a hellan ,we must espose the conciliatory attitube to co-exist in the international and global arena.therfore iran must be careful in order to pass the parliamentary bills to declare any country as well as any international organisation a rogue/terrorist agency.islam is the religion of peace,global equality and brotherhood such parliamentary activities could engender malvolency,antagonism,malice and rather hatred against islam and shiaism.

  2. abdul jabbar

    american should not poke her nose un the international affairs.she should mind her own bussiness.iran has rightly declared her a rogue state and the friend of israel a usurper state which had been transplanted by america among the muslim like a watch dog to vigilant eye in the activities of muslim cum arab the name of globalisation and world order america must not capture the minds of muslims and should not malign the muslims and teachings of islam to serve her heinous ambitions to pamper her mischievous child israel.

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