It’s Always Someone Else’s Fault – Nancy Pelosi Has Given Up…Regardless of What She and Her Cronies Promised Last Year

Ooooohhhhh, now we understand…they’re holding Bush responsible! That should stop young Americans from being killed needlessly.

If you’re not wearing your “When.” bracelet, you should be!  Say “When.”



    the democrats are spineless,
    the republicans are in lockstep
    the voters have a voice, but no ears to hear them.
    Maybe we need new ears that have not become deaf to everything but the sound of money falling in their pockets.

    Nancy Pelosi has shown she can spin with the best of the best, no responsiblity, no real answers, just doublespeak, doublespeak, like a good professional politician If her goal was to become the first woman to be leader of our congress and then wimp out on leading the nation as she was asked to do by BOTH parties voters, she has succeeded. She has also set back women’s progress by a century.

    Same old BS, just a different BS’er.

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