My Dinner With Ann Coulter

By Porter Stansberry

It gives me no pleasure to tell you about my dinner with Ann Coulter…

I was thrilled when a mutual friend invited me to join him, Doug Casey, and Ann for dinner in New Orleans. I thought, regardless of her rabid political views, surely Ann Coulter is an intelligent, curious, well-read person who has insight into the world…

Wrong. Dead wrong.

Ann Coulter is stunningly ignorant of the issues outside of constitutional law (she is a lawyer) and politics. Thus, in her view, politics is both the cause of all of our problems and the only possible solution.

Over dinner she reiterated her obnoxious opinion that the “experiment” with woman’s suffrage is the root cause of big government. Like a child playing with an Etch-a-Sketch, she points to a straight line, leading back through history. There, she says… big government started right there, in 1920. That’s when the 19th amendment was ratified, ergo that’s the cause of the whole problem. After that, according to Ann, it was all downhill.

Doug and I looked at each other curiously… But Ann, that same line, if you move it just a bit further, actually seems to start in 1913, when the Federal Reserve was created, the prohibition of income taxes was repealed and the Republic was put to rest through the direct election of senators. Don’t you think these changes to the Constitution and the policies they enabled – like FDR’s gold seizure and our resulting experiment with paper money – were far more significant than woman’s suffrage?

Ann Coulter had never heard of the gold standard. She didn’t believe us when we told her that in 1933 FDR seized all of the privately held bullion in the country, then devalued the dollar – probably the greatest financial crime in history. She didn’t even know it was illegal for citizens to own bullion up until 1974. Bretton Woods? Coulter thought we were talking about tennis rackets. She told me flatly “I don’t know anything about finance or economics.” Not even the basics, like how inflation affects prices or the key role paper money and progressive income taxes have played in building the welfare state. We might as well have been talking to a horse. Ann just looked at us, her long face turned sideways with incredulity.

Lacking anything intelligent to say, she decided to simply insult us. “I was a libertarian as a teenager, but I emerged from adolescence…”

Good one, Ann. What a zinger.


Porter Stansberry


  1. LJP

    Hah! Not as smart as her fans think…

  2. Tim Wood

    Where can the debate be watched online?

  3. Is it coincidence that the basics of how money and inflation work are not taught in schools?

    They don’t want us to understand how money works, our inflationary system, etc.

    I didn’t know about the change in how senators were elected, will have to do some googling.

    Also, do income taxes contribute to the welfare state other than just taking our money? Is it deeper than this?

    Nice article.

  4. Neil Fiertel

    Ann Coulter might be ignorant of finance but so is the author of this diatribe. I laughed myself silly..The devaluing of the U.S. currency is what made it possible to get the U.S. OUT OF THE WORST DEPRESSION IN ITS HISTORY. Insufficient liquidity is what made the depression go on and on and on. FDR did the right thing without question. The gold standard is the kind of thing that economics ignoramuses pray to as if it were the God Baal…The Welfare State? You mean countries without poverty and where work is a right and where there is dignity and equal opportunity and where men and women are treated equally..Sounds just so Un-American and so..Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Canadian and so very healthy where people actually can get medical attention and not have it bankrupt them in so doing. Coulter is a reactionary but so is the author. I see little difference. By the way, let me know when the U.S. becomes a welfare state. From where I observe its economy, it is as close to laissez faire as it could be and that is the problem.

  5. Leroy

    Porter, you and Doug Casey are two of the smartest people that I have ever come across concerning many topics,including of course ,money. It is sad , perhaps some people would have a real hard time droping their sheilds and being totally transparent talking with either one of you. I read your advice and Dougs advice often on the markets, please keep up the good work. Leroy

  6. Schizo

    >it is as close to laissez faire as it could be and that is the problem.

    …you’ve got to be joking…

    the us is a corporatist state, that’s the problem.
    socialism is better than corporatism, which is the reason sweden et. al. are better than the us. but don’t try to bring laissez faire into the mix.

  7. Cap

    FDR was a commie and so is Neil!

  8. Ms. Kyle Christensen

    I did Work Study in Scandanavia, and cursed my grandfather for ever coming here, if you want to know the truth. (Do you?) People that have not spent time in more civilized countries just have no concept–they just accept this “greatest country in the world in every way posssible” stuff, and don;t realize that the middle class is gone–thanks to the war, cowardly Dems, fascist GOP, the “mortgage thieft”, borrowing form China, etc. They have just as much “freedom” in WE. Europe (prob. E. too, by now) as you have here (no “free speech” zones–and it is considered obscene to raise the kuind of money for elections that we allow here) except one–no “freedom to die in the streets with your rights on”. Why don’;t I go back? My uncle says they have so much immigration there now, and most of the people I knew well are retired–if i could sell one of our family’s houses here in Ohio, AND convince the gov’t. to grant me asylum (alot of country’s aren;t real hot on US refugges these days–just rry to move to Canada) I’d go in a heartbeat!

  9. whatever happened to Ann Coulter? she seems to make a fewer public appearances nowadays

  10. Trevor

    So you had dinner with a Cum Laude Cornell graduate who majored in History and has her Doctorate in Law, who also has given countless speeches and written several columns on FDR, as well as being a popular proponent of reinstating the gold standard, and she knew LESS about the subject than an unknown Libertarian blogger? Nobody believes you Mr. “Porter Stansberry”.

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