This is a vitally important post at Your New Reality. As a nation, we need to start looking at ourselves as “the bad guys” and decide if we are ok with that. If not, we can no longer sit by and let things happen in our name – and act like we have no responsibility.

If you’re still alive in 2040 or so, kids are going to come up to you and say “What the hell was going with you people back in 2001-2010? Did you all just totally lose your minds or what?”

But what they will really want to know is what the deal was with Bush-Cheney. They will want to know if they really were as insane as people in 2040 claim they are. You will only be able to nod, sigh, and then shiver.

I’ve spent a lot of time tracking news stories about President Bush over the past 12 months, and I’ve spent far too many hours reading just about every one of his speeches, for The Last Days Of President Bush blog.

I’ve tried to highlight the good things Bush has done, and of course I’ve covered the absurdities, his threats of violence, his sometimes truly bizarre behaviour and his quotable quotes.

Stupidly, I’ve actually clung to the hope that Bush might actually surprise everyone and make the last two years of his time in the White House into something really special. That he might unfurl a plan to reshape the world for the good of the many, for the betterment of the poor and downtrodden. That he might do something, anything, that would make up for the excruciatingly grim holocaust unleashed by his illegal Iraq War.

Put simply, the question that refused to leave my head was : ‘Come on, he can’t all that bad, can he? I mean, he’s the president.’

But after reading that Bush put the veto to a $US50 billion improvement of health care for poor American children, and then, only 48 hours later, turned around and demanded another $47 billion or so to fund more war…well, that’s it then. Isn’t it?

He’s beyond hope.

He’s a filthy unrelenting whore of the American, and international, arms industry. And he doesn’t give a shit.

And sitting right beside him, only still managing to cling to life thanks to the brilliance of modern medical technology that he wants to deny the poorest of the American poor, is Dick Cheney. An ogre of our age. A dark and brutal blight on the good name of the American people.

I mean, look at them. Look at the photo. The Drunkard and the Ghoul, who now want to unleash incomprehensible violence upon the people of Iran, not because their president has nuclear weapons, or is even trying to build nuclear weapons. They want to kill thousands, if not tens of thousands, of innocent people in Iran, to stop that odious president from gaining the knowledge to build nuclear weapons.

The Knowledge.

Bush & Cheney are pumping for a war on information.

Bush said that he told countries that want to avoid World War 3 that they have to stop the Iranian president from gaining the knowledge to build nuclear weapons.

The same knowledge that kicks around to this day in literally thousands of text books, published from the early 1950s and onwards. The same knowledge that appeared in a ‘popular mechanics’ type magazine in Australia in the late 1970s in a front page cover story titled ‘How To Build Your Own Atom Bomb.’

Bush & Cheney are looking for any excuse to begin bombing Iran. Blood crazed NeoCons are demanding they do it now. Not later. Now, now, now.

Russia and China are saying “No way, it ain’t gonna happen” and American Iraq War allies like Australia and the UK are scrabbling to get out of the way. Just in case.

They’ll tell us soon enough that air strikes on Iran will be carefully targeted to avoid civilian casualties, but we’ve all heard that one before, haven’t we?

Maybe Bush will even announce that it was actually Iranians who were responsible for the 9/11 attacks. Hell, why not try that? Two years of near ceaseless fear-mongering about Iran has done little to get the American people on side. Why not go all out and claim that it was actually Iran who launched the 9/11 attacks?

I’m in regular e-mail contact with people in Iran. If this blog never achieves anything other than allowing me to make contact with these wonderful people, then I’ll always think of it as utterly worthwhile.

We talk via e-mail about books, movies, music, about weird stories in the news, about great places to visit in Australia if they ever get the chance to come to my homeland, and they always ask me to come to Iran. They love their country, they love their cities and villages, they’re immensely proud of who they are, and they want to show off their country to people in The West, who see little of Iran but that president.

For example, did you know that tens of thousands of young Iranians go skiing every year in the mountains? I didn’t, until some of them sent me photos. They looked like they were holidaying in the Australia ski-fields, or on a slope in the Alps.

What have we done wrong? they ask. Why do your people hate us so much? Do your friends think we are monsters? Are the Americans and Israelis really going to attack us? How can we stop it? We don’t want to become like the Iraqis, please help us.

So what do you say back to people in Iran who ask you questions like that? Duck?

I’m sorry?

Know this now, if Bush & Cheney get their World War 3 it will The West that goes down in history as the aggressor this time. The ones who started it all. It is The West who launched devastating pre-emptive war, using false intelligence, fully against the wishes of the world, and their own people. It is The West who now wants to park missiles on Russia’s borders, who wants to attack the innocent people of Iran, who wants to stop the people of Iraq from running their own country and doing business with whoever they please.

It’s not them.

It’s us.

Can America really survive another 15 months of Bush & Cheney?

Can the people of Iran?

Can the world?

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