Today, There is Finally HOPE!

From the Columbus Dispatch

Let’s hope that, at 19, he has not been subjected to the political machine that has taken good people and turned them into what we see currently in Congress.

19-year-old Wins Seat in 6-way Delaware Race 

DELAWARE, Ohio — Voters yesterday chose Andrew Brush to serve as the City Council’s 4th Ward representative.

Brush, 19, captured the nonpartisan seat with 335 votes, or 29 percent of votes cast, according to final, unofficial results from the Delaware County Board of Elections. He will take office Nov. 19 and serve a four-year term.

Brush, a 2006 graduate of Columbus Academy and owner of a video-production company, said he worked hard for last night’s win. “I basically campaigned door-to-door every night for the last 2 1/2 months,” he said.

He said he’s eager to begin chipping away at his goals for the city, which include finding a solution for the traffic congestion at the “Point” (the intersection of Rts. 36 and 37); shifting the city’s focus from residential development to commercial and industrial development; and limiting the use of executive session during council meetings.

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