Statuesque? 30 Years Younger? A Tongue Stud?!

How does a mainstream “journalist” discount a Presidential candidate she doesn’t see as “serious?” Watch this.

  1. knyffe444

    Such a surprise, to hear the highly personalized and condescending treatment from this journalist. Pompous, self-righteous, condescending, she should be ashamed. Perhaps she didn’t research Mrs. Kucinich’s backgroud. So sad, that she can’t see beyond the physical; tongue ring, height and age to see people, for people. Attacking the physical attributes of the candidate’s partner is ridiculous and irrelevant. But isn’t this more telling of the journalist’s definition of herself, or the agenda of the news network?

  2. mary

    I think it gave Kucinich a lovely opportunity to support his well accomplished and compassionate wife. I love how he stated, “that as a professional, one shouldn’t trivialize women.” Right on target Dennis!! What a well-behaved response from Mrs. Kucinich, not to show her piercing.

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