Scott McClellan – former White House Press Secretary – writes a new “tell-all” book

You’ll pardon us if we don’t jump on the “Yay Scott McClellan” band wagon – what we see is yet another son-of-a-b cashing in on what he knew to be wrong in the first place.

We wish to say to Mr. McClellan –

“What you have done, or more importantly, WHAT YOU DID NOT DO BY CALLING OUT THE UNTRUTHS AS YOU SAID THEM, has led directly to the deaths of thousands of American men and women as well as to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis civilians.

Whatever your beliefs are about ‘Karma’ – we’d hate to be in your shoes.”

If you have the stomach to read about yet another “fine American civil servant just doing his duty” and then finally telling “the truth” – click below for the story of Mr. McClellan’s book:

McClellan Whacks Bush, White House

Not that we’re fans of GW or his cohorts but we’re just curious, Scott – as an admitted liar, what makes you think we should believe you now?

  1. What Say You?

    Sounds to me like you didn’t even read the book. Yes, the Bushies are mad because he painted them in a bad light, but you missed the most important part of the book. Namely, the blame-game.

  2. You are accurate – we have not nor will we read this book. There’s probably nothing we haven’t heard before – and we understand the “blame-game.” We think that when all of the things that have happened in the past 8 years comes to light, there will be an escalation of that game, the likes of which we’ve never seen.

    Our issue with this book is that we’d like to see someone stand up for what’s right and truthful in the middle of spouting the lie – not a couple of years and too many lost lives later.

    We’d like to know how Mr. McClellan can look at himself in the mirror, knowing what his perpetuating the lies has led to. It seems to us that if he is not in this for the money, and really wants to come clean and clear his conscience, all of the money he receives from this book will go to organizations assisting returning soldiers, the families of slain soldiers, and 9/11 first responders.

    That, in our opinion, would show the beginnings of some integrity. Right now – it’s same old, same old.

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