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We have been giving our opinions and posting political news stories here about the corrupt state of affairs in the United States of America for over a year.

We have ranted and raved about the lack of integrity and accountability and humanity at all levels of corporate and civil government.

We’ve raged at the antics of the man the Supreme Court chose to lead this country 8 years ago as well as the incredible gall of the man who led Countrywide Financial into bankruptcy – but only after he’d extracted his own fortune from the vaults.

It has been the belief of most Americans we’ve spoken with that the source of this moral turpitude is our government and the politicians who lead it. It’s been easy to for all of us to point a finger at those in power for ruining our great country.

We wonder if the lack of morality comes from the top down or goes from the bottom up.

Watching the video below makes us wonder at the lack of human decency and conscience that seem to be a plague here lately.

We know this isn’t “political” – but we wonder if this is what we’ve become.

Here’s the story from