…….if it’s been planned that Gov. Palin will drop out due to her daughter and the baby – then McCain will nominate the person he REALLY wants – having won over the big oil, pro-life folks and solidified the “maverick” label.

This choice seems just too strange to be real.

  1. maggie

    One can only hope this is what he has in mine. To pull a stunt like this just to stir up attention and try to grab a few headlines is expressly answers the question of whether experience or judgement matters!

    McCain has shown over and over since he started having a chance at the Rep. nomination that he is all about getting elected no matter what principals he has to compromise or who’s ass he has to kiss.

    First this former prisoner of war voted for torture, then he catered to the wealthy base of his party to make the tax cuts he formerly opposed permanent. The list goes on and on of his pandering to the religious neoconservative right wing… now he picks the least qualified woman he could find, knowing she cannot stand up to scrutiny, just to shake up the press because he cant get any air time due to the hurricane???? Or because Joe Biden selection has him running scared???

    I have always admired Senator McCain, until he started running for office this time, but he needs to remember that it was George Bush and Karl Rove who kicked him to the curb in 2000, not the Democrats. Once he sold his sould to win this election, he lost any reason any one had to vote for him.

    Mr. McCain is a better man than he has been acting the last 9 months and our country deserves someone who takes the office of presidency more seriously.

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