What YOUR money has bought…….

In light of the nearly $1trillion ($1,000,000,000,000) financial markets bailout announced by your government this week, we thought you might like to see what Joe Gregory, former Lehman COO (what a sweet face…), did with some of his money – and wants someone else to do now. We wonder if he got as great a deal on his mortgage as he gave to some of your neighbors…..

By the way…it has been discovered that the home he is selling for $32.5million ($32,500,000) was purchased 18 months ago for $19million ($19,000,000) – that’s nearly a million dollars a month in appreciation!!!!! And this is his VACATION home. (Yeah…cheating people can be EXHAUSTING!)

Here’s the house – and some commentary…“Joe Gregory is Getting Out of the Hamptons.”


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