OUR God Doesn’t VOTE!

I would also pray Lord that your reputation is involved in all that happens between now and November, because there are millions of people around this world praying to their God — whether it’s Hindu, Buddha, Allah — that his [McCain’s] opponent wins for a variety of reasons.

And Lord I pray that you would guard your own reputation, because they’re going to think that their god is bigger than you, if that happens. So I pray that you would step forward and honor your own name in all that happens between now and Election Day.

Oh Lord, we just commit this time to you, move among us, make your presence very well felt as we are gathered here today in Jesus’ name I pray.

This was the invocation at a John McCain rally in Davenport, Iowa this weekend, given by Rev. Arnold Conrad.

Is this questioning Obama’s faith – suggesting that “his” God is “Hindu, Buddha, Allah?” There is more than one God?!

This is BEYOND outrageous – this is intolerant and ignorant at best. This smacks of insincere acceptance speeches at awards shows and after football games, insinuating that God was somehow on the side of the victorious person/team – blasphemy of the highest order, from where we sit. To a good number of us, it looks plainly devious and despicable. And we are, frankly, appalled.

Contrary to the misguided theories of some – including the present occupant of the White House – this country is NOT a theocracy.


  1. mariestacey

    You are aware that there are multiple people from other countries — yes, some of them are Middle Eastern — that are praying in support of Barack Obama? It’s not some outlandish claim the man is making. It’s true to an extent. I don’t propose to know which God exists, but I agree that there is not more than one. However, there are different conceptions of God and that is what that reverend seems to be referring to.

    I don’t think you should be so outraged. Perhaps you should be more outraged at the terrorist-associators and sympathizers that REALLY ARE supporting Barack Obama. Just because it hurts your feelings doesn’t mean that it’s not true to an extent. No, not all of these people are immediate enemies of the United States, but many have ill intentions towards this country and it is simply ignorant to ignore it.

    There’s no reason to ignore the truth just because you don’t like it.

    And just for further clarity on this situation: I’ve listened to a clip of an Islamic ‘minister’ screeching “DEATH TO AMERICA!!” Are you just as offended? I was.

  2. jujubee

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