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From a Say “When” supporter. Please remember – when you see photos of “the President” smiling with veterans…he’s at PRIVATE hospitals, not the VA hospitals that most returning injured veterans are sent to.

This letter from an Iraq War veteran’s wife was on Rosie’s blog today, Surely she would want to share it with all who will listen and take action with our do-nothing congress

Keep speaking the truth Ro.  Civilians have ZERO idea what its really like.  Walter Reed?  I’ve been there.  Its mold covered and they’re drastically understaffed.  Prescriptions Line?  It takes hours.  Active Duty gets to go first, but there are usually hundreds of veterans waiting in line waiting.  Veterans who gave their lives and some their sight, hearing, body for this country don’t get to get their pain medication in a timely period?  What is wrong with this system.  It’s not just Walter Reed, I’ve been to every military hospital in the DC area now, since we’re stationed at Andrews AFB.  Malcolm Grow, Bolling, and Walter Reed.  All are drastically understaffed and the prescription situation is the same.  It takes weeks to get an appointment.  They say to call just a couple days before the start of the month to fight for an appointment that month.  What if you’re sick?  Well you can try calling early in the morning but if its urgent make a trip to the ER where you get to wait with a bunch of other sick people for hours.  My son, who is one, was bleeding from the head and we weren’t seen for 3 hours.  3 hours!  You want to know what we see on a daily basis?  Med buses medivac sick wounded soldiers from the flight line at andrews afb to walter reed.  Those buses are generally filled and during the week I see at least 2 a day.  AT LEAST!  Thousands of men are coming home wounded and all we hear about are the dead.  Yes, we need to honor the dead, but people need to know how many are hurt and what their care is like.  I’ve seen those rooms at Walter Reed.  We stayed in one.  It looks like a time capsule.  Metal beds, slates of metal as mirrors, bathrooms so old the pipes creak whenever you turn on the water, mold, grit.  Its not clean.  It doesn’t smell like other hospitals, that clean sanitized smell.  It’s sick!  It’s sick.  For those veterans who need care after, and for us military families there are wonderful signs on the door of the family care offices.  They read “one issue per appointment please”.  That’s right.  Those people who fight for this country and us families left behind can only bring up one issue per appointment.  If more then one make another appointment which is IMPOSSIBLE to get.  Our hospitals are out of date and our doctors are deployed.  I see veterans every day at the commissary and the BX on the base where we live.  I’ve seen men burned so badly they’re unrecognizable as human.  I’ve seen men who recently found themselves blind.  I’ve seen families whose husbands gave their lives who can’t get a doctors appointment for a sick child and sit in the ER for hours.  It is not right.  Sure, we get “free” health care, but look at the price.  This is a disgrace.  Please keep speaking out Ro, no one else will.  We can’t have a voice or we risk the consequences.  We need a voice.  That man they call our president sits by and does nothing visiting privately funded hospitals. He gets to have all his appointments at National Naval Medical Center; which is REALLY nice, but impossible for the underlings to get into.  I don’t think he waits months for an appointment, hours for prescriptions, can only talk about one issue per appointment, and gets medical care in these conditions.  That’s whats wrong with this country.

From Rosie O’Donnell’s Blog

Lauren writes:

that protest thing looks fake.. you’d think cnn would report it if it were true.

I have refused to answer the letters we get from the 28% – today, I have changed my mind:

George Bush is not “our” commander-in-chief. Unless you are in the military, he is a man doing a job. And if you could bother to do an Internet search (use the words “voter fraud 2000 and 2004”), you’d see he wasn’t even elected to do that job!

GOV. GEORGE W. BUSH (R-TX), PRESIDENT-ELECT (December 18, 2000): …If this were a dictatorship, it’d be a heck of a lot easier, just so long as I’m the dictator.

The “You Hate America” Chorus. Not one single person involved with hates America! In fact, we love this country so much that we are willing to stand up and shout from the rafters that it is being taken over by the real “America haters!” Your rights are being taken away on a daily basis – and all you can do is come to our site and call us names?! Have you done any reading about what’s going on? Have you bothered to look at the links on our site – and others – pointing to how this administration has hijacked our Constitution? Luckily for you, we’re not as stingy with our demand for the freedom of speech as you are. We want you to be able to have your say – why are you so afraid of us having ours?

November 2005 –All three GOP politicians quote their president as saying: “Stop throwing the Constitution in my face! It’s just a goddamned piece of paper!”

Why is it that we’re fighting for your rights – ALL of them, not just your right to free speech – and the best you can come up with is telling us to LEAVE?! Is that the solution you come up with – that everyone who disagrees with you should leave? Our DUTY as citizens is to ask questions and to speak up when we see something wrong – it is NOT to sit idly by while our freedoms are being sold down the river. And, by the way, who the hell are you to tell the 72% of Americans who disagree with the actions of this administration – and with you – to get out?! YOU get out!

We “hate the troops” is next. As an example, Paula, in her comments here, refuses to see that we are, in fact, very much in support of our troops – she can’t see how that’s possible. She says that our demanding to bring them home is lowering their morale. Really?! Are you sure, Paula, that it’s not the fact that their tours of duty have been extended indefinitely? Or that they have been sent to fight without proper gear? How about the treatment they’ve seen their injured buddies receive at the hands of the V.A.? In terms of our fighting men and women, this isn’t Vietnam – none of them have been or will be vilified by the public when they return home. We understand their commitment – we feel that they, like us, have been duped. You are certainly right about one thing here, Paula – we absolutely do not see that our criticism of Bush and Company is “anti-troops.” The thing is – we don’t understand why you don’t see our point! The evidence of criminal behavior by this administration is mounting on a daily basis and we want your sons and daughters, mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, husbands and wives home NOW – before another one is killed for what we see as ego and greed. We don’t understand how you could miss what’s so obvious to us – and how you could still be supporting the men who used lies and falsified information to put your loved ones in harm’s way. We don’t want to send them a care package with homemade cookies and pictures of their kids – we want them home, healthy and in one piece, to enjoy those things with you.

And – why do so many of you resort to name calling? Is it because you have nothing to back up your argument? This is the tactic of a schoolyard bully. None of us are idiots or “ignoramuses” (a favorite); most of us have had at least the same education you have – we’ve just chosen to use it. Bring something interesting to the table – not the childish antics of someone with nothing of substance to say. Many of the people who now dislike what they see in our country started out as supporters of this government – and came to their current position after much study and research. They set out to prove us wrong – and couldn’t.

BUSH (September 6, 2006): There – it’s – you know, one of the hardest parts of my job is to connect Iraq to the war on terror.

I have a challenge – if just ONE of you folks who write to us, calling us names and telling us we’re ignorant, will show us solid proof that what we are angry about isn’t the truth – we’ll post it here and apologize. If you have a thoughtful, valid point, we’re more than happy to hear it. NOT ONE of you, however, has presented us with one! Please show us proof that this administration didn’t lie about WMD’s. Please show us that this President didn’t plan an attack on Iraq well before 9/11. Show us how Iraq figured into the puzzles of 9/11 – if we were going to attack those who attacked us, why didn’t we attack Saudi Arabia? (That’s where the hijackers came from.) Please convince us that Mr. Bush has a better handle on the plans for this war than his Generals or the Iraq Study Group – the people he assembled and then ignored. Tell us why the search for Osama Bin Laden has been put on the back burner – that was the initial reason for this war, after all, and the reason for going into Afghanistan. Show us another instance, IN THE HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES, where we started a war by invading another country! Show us another US President who has gone against the UN and started a war. Research the lies, scandals and executive orders that have effectively hijacked our Constitution – and give us proof that we are wrong.

And while you’re at it, tell us why, in God’s name, it doesn’t bother you that George Bush and Dick Cheney have presented themselves as above the law?

December 7, 2006 –The Iraq Study Group described the current situation as grave and deteriorating and that the Bush administration’s policies have failed across the board.

Please also tell me how you can sleep at night or look at yourself in the mirror while condoning torture. If it’s ok for us, folks, it’s ok for them. We can’t go down the path of “but we’re the good guys and they’re the bad guys.” Remember something fundamental you seem to have forgotten – TO THE OTHER SIDE, WE’RE THE BAD GUYS! If we advocate a behavior for ourselves, we advocate it for others. And if the “good guys” torture – what the hell does the other side do? We are human beings – all of us; regardless of propaganda or ideology, nationality or race. I don’t want to hear about what “they” did – where did our humanity go?

One last thing – I really don’t care whether or not you like Rosie O’Donnell – or Pink, or the Dixie Chicks, or Sean Penn, or Phil Donahue. I don’t know them and we’re not friends. I admire the hell out of the fact, however, that they have the courage to put their butts on the line for what they believe in. Do you?

Here’s the tip of the day – if you don’t like what we’re saying and what we stand for, go away! Don’t visit our site, read what we have to say, or wear a wristband. This site is for people to express their own displeasure with what’s going on. It’s a place for them to find out that they are not crazy and they are not alone. You will NOT change our minds unless and until you have followed the conditions of my challenge above. Until then – sleep well.


Oh – and by the way, Alice – don’t impugn my intelligence if you can’t even hit “spell-check” before you hit “send.”

(In case there is any doubt – really? – this is sarcasm and a shot at “The Boys!”)


I was shaking, sad and crying.
I didn’t know what to do.
Rosie O’Donnell was off TV.
She’d gone and left The View.

I started watching Billy O.
‘Twas an easy one to choose.
He’d rant and shout and tell me all
The things that made the News.

I knew that he was telling me
The Truth, now don’t you know.
And I believed his every word
Because he told me so.

His set is patriotic,
All red and white and blue.
Now that’s the mark of Honesty!
And CRAP that’s been cut through.

He told me not to worry much
That kids were sent to war
Because there was a reason –
To keep “them” from my door.

I watched one day when Rosie said
Iraqis were moms, too.
But then I switched back to Fox News –
Now I know that it’s untrue.

See, only people in the world
Who look and think like me
Are worth my time and thoughtfulness –
And Billy quite agrees.

As long as I can hate them –
No face or name or story –
I can sit in my own living room
And bask in our great glory.

I don’t have to worry about the things
That Rosie pointed out.
Just watch “Survivor” and “The Bachelor.”
Why does she have to shout?!

Thank goodness for the men I watch
Who tell me what to think.
‘Cause if I took the time to read
I’d prob’ly raise a stink.

The list that Rosie said to check
Included Halliburton,
The melting point of steel and….
Of the rest I can’t be certain.

I think there’s something about e-mails
And fired US attorneys,
WMD’s and lying under oath,
And lawyers shot, on gurneys.

What I hate about this Rosie mess
Is that I have to look
At what Billy O is telling me
And if G. Dub’s a crook.

I don’t want to think about the lies
Or that my government’s corrupt.
But each day more kids are dying –
And the ante’s just been upped.

It all just makes my head hurt
To think about this stuff.
I’d turn the channel but I’d miss
Mrs. Hasselbeck get rough.

But Rosie left The View last week.
Now life can settle down.
I’ve switched to Martha and Montel –
I just LOVE that Sylvia Browne!

Lindsay’s in rehab again
And Paris is in jail.
I want my shows to be carefree –
Like when Oprah chats with Gayle!

Enough of watching politics.
And what’s up with those debates?!
I’d rather shout at my TV
And diss on Rosie’s weight!

Now that she’s gone I can relax
And live my life with ease.
I don’t have to pay attention to
Global Warming or dead bees.

I’d like to carry on my life
Without much care or worry.
I’m sure this all will just work out –
I feel no need to hurry.

‘Cause what I’ve learned in all of this
Is that I’ve come to trust
That Billy O and Donald T
Are kind. And fair. And just.

I’m taken care of, day and night,
By men more bright than I.
They wouldn’t do those awful things
That made Rosie almost cry.

Bill and Joe and Sean and Don
Forced Rosie off, they said.
They managed to “disgrace” Ms. O
And fill others who ask with dread.

So years from now, when all has changed,
We’ll have “journalists” to thank
For keeping us from people who
Won’t let their minds be blank.

We’re tired of their tirades!
We want to stay asleep!
We’d rather hang out with the crowd –
We’re comfy being sheep!

You’ve shown us it is safer
To keep our big mouths shut.
Or we can plan to live our lives
With more than a pay cut!

But what if Rosie and her kind
Are right………………………………..


Say “When.”




Well – you can finally rest easy! Rosie O’Donnell is off The View. Is it just me, or do I hear a refrain of “Ding-Dong the Witch is Dead” each time a pseudo-news show comes on?

I imagine that the likes of:

Bill O’Reilly – more affectionately known lately as BO – current Fox News commentator, former anchor of the tabloid/gossip television program “Inside Edition”, and darling of the likes of Al Franken, Michael Savage, George Clooney, Jon Stewart, Media Matters for America, David Letterman, Michael Kinsley, and especially Keith Olbermann;

Donald Trump – American business executive, former Reality TV star, arbiter of wholesome American values and the namesake of no less than 13 branded products;

Joe Scarborough – TV personality, a former US Congressman from Florida; and a 4-year member of the House Committee on Government Reform and Oversight;

Danny Bonaduce – former child star of The Partridge Family, on-air radio personality, celebrity boxer – both in the ring and out – commentator on other people’s behavior and lack of “manners”, and all-around up-standing citizen;

Sean Hannity – high school graduate, radio and television commentator, and creator of “Hannidate” – a free dating service matching “people of like conservative minds” ;

and various and sundry others who had their day in the sun by bashing Rosie and erecting (good word) petition sites to have her thrown off the air, are finally happy and resting comfortably. Sanity has been restored to the land and all is well.

All, that is, except that we still have the same questions we had when Rosie started to talk. Our problem now? NO ONE is asking them.

I honestly don’t care whether Bill, Donald, Joe, Danny, Sean, the folks at E!, ET,, Access Hollywood, eXtra, The Today Show, Good Morning America, whatever is on CBS in the morning, Chris Matthews, or any of the pundits and people searching for their 15 minutes of fame who will go on any show to pose as an expert on anything from The Secret to WMD’s likes Rosie or not. She’s a big girl who can take care of herself. (And don’t get me started about the conversation that somehow equates her weight with her intelligence! A word of advice – each and every time you use a woman’s weight in a conversation, you’re on a slippery slide to pissing off a lot of women – women who buy the products you’ve suggested we boycott because of Rosie. NONE of you are what most people would have fantasies about, so just shut up while you still can!) You all have been very vocal about Rosie’s asking tough questions. My question to you is:


The answer, frankly, disturbs me. It seems to me there are four possibilities, not one of which appeals to me:

1. You really, honestly can’t see what’s going on;

2. The things you see don’t bother you;

3. You’ve sold your soul and are actually paid to ridicule anyone who dares to speak outside the party line;


4. You are afraid you’ll suffer the same fate as Rosie and others you’ve tried to humiliate and marginalize.

Take possibility number 1:

You are an idiot! It was difficult to watch Elizabeth Hasselbeck try to hold up her defense of the policies of the US government to Rory Kennedy after supposedly watching “The Ghosts of Abu Ghraib” more than once. She’s a 30-year old idealist who still hasn’t come down from the high of her visit to the White House for a State Dinner – what’s your excuse?!

Do you even know the number of US soldiers killed in Iraq just since “Mission Accomplished” was declared? What’s going on in Louisiana? Remember the debacle that was Hurricane Katrina Relief? Have you read about Scooter Libby taking the fall in the Plame case? Alberto Gonzales and the 5 million missing e-mails? Paul Wolfowitz giving a sweet job and a great paycheck to his mistress (that’s what they call a “girlfriend” when you’re still married, right?)? Vice President Cheney’s ties to Halliburton? The “professional military” company known as Blackwater? What about the executive order signed on May 9 that gives George W. Bush total power over all branches of government in the event of a loosely defined “catastrophic event?”

Possibility number 2:

That’s psychotic! Do you honestly believe that people other than Americans can be lumped into a category that makes them less than human?! That the mothers and fathers of dead Iraqi soldiers don’t mourn them as much as the mothers and fathers here mourn the children they will never see again? That the families of dead Iraqi civilians – whether it’s 655,000 or 1 – are scarred any less by the loss of their loved ones than the families of those killed in the towers on 9/11 or the families of the first responders who are dying because the government of the wealthiest nation in the world can’t seem to get off its ass and get them help?! We’re all people, for f*ck-sake – why can’t you see that and muster up compassion for everyone involved?

You rant and rave about “patriotism” – and you could give a sh*t about what’s going on here?!

Possibility number 3:

“Integrity” apparently is not part of your vocabulary. All I can say is “I hope it’s worth it.”

Possibility number 4:

You are a coward.

I remember one of the main points my 12th Grade Civics teacher tried to get through our thick heads way back then – “You are not a participating citizen if you simply act like a sheep and follow along. It’s your right and your duty to ask questions – and if the people you elect to represent you don’t answer those questions to your satisfaction, it’s your job to remove them from their positions of ‘leadership.’”

Folks, we have no leadership – we have people who are in office but unwilling to stand up for those who put them there. An election was held months ago – and we supposedly spoke loudly and clearly. What has happened? NOTHING!

The people who made flowery speeches and told you what you wanted to hear – what they knew they needed to say to be elected – have done none of the things you hired them to do! Is that how you handle other people who work for you? You hire them to do a job, they don’t, and you pay them anyway – claiming there is nothing you can do?

Where is your outrage? Where is the outrage of the “experts” who have no problem telling you how to think? Start asking questions – and if you don’t understand something, look it up.

Start with looking up the definition of “terrorist.” That word was at the base of the initial argument on The View – the word that raised the loudest and vilest rhetoric from the people mentioned at the top of this post. According to “terrorism expert” Walter Laqueur, there are over 100 definitions and the “only general characteristic generally agreed upon is that terrorism involves violence and the threat of violence.” Watch the news. Read the ticker that goes below the talking heads on the screen. Count how many times in a day you are fed “the threat of violence.” Since we’re talking about Rosie, re-watch any of the YouTube segments of The View where Elizabeth becomes wild-eyed in her fear as she looks out at the audience and repeats “there are terrorists…there are terrorists…there ARE terrorists!” and ask yourself “Who put that fear into her and others like her?” And be honest – more brutally honest than you ever have been before and see what your answer is.

Yeah – Rosie’s loud. And each and every one of the people who belittled her was louder.

Rosie’s loud because she realized months ago that she’d been conned – and she didn’t like it one bit. But I’ll let you in on something – she’s no louder than the grandmother who “has seen the light” because her kids and grandkids constantly showed her the facts. She’s no louder than the guy who defended Bush to his buddies at work – and then heard Dr. Steven Jones of BYU speak. She’s no louder than any of the people who have begun thinking for themselves and found out they’ve been played for fools all these years.

You think Rosie’s too loud? Then you haven’t heard me.


Say “When.”