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The Roman Empire was strong for a time. It was founded on geography, family values, military strength, and wise leadership. It flourished because of social, economic, political, military and religious strengths. However, when the very things that make a civilization flourish start to decline, the civilization will also lead to a downfall.

The first reason for the fall was economic decay. The rulers of Rome had expensive lifestyles. To aid their image, they needed money. They gained money through taxation on the poor….The government decreased the silver content in money. The value of the money also decreased….Labor was cheap and worthless. Upper-class Romans were content with what they had become. Federal minimum wage, July 2007: $5.15/hr ($10, 712/yr) Congress salaries, 2007: Representatives – $168,000/yr, Leaders – $186,000/yr, Speaker – $215,700/yr. Senate salaries, 2006: $165,200 President’s salary: “The compensation of the President is controlled by law, specifically 3 USC 102. The most recent salary increase, from $200,000/year to $400,000/year took effect when George W. Bush became President. The President also receives a $50,000 non-taxable expense account.” from the Internet Public Library

Another reason for the fall of Rome was political issues. Citizens no longer displayed patriotism, they were indifferent. Only the rich ran for office. Only the rich could run for office. It had become too expensive to hold office….The army had proven itself to produce many leaders. The army needed to be maintained. Again, taxes were forced mainly on the poor or made more people impoverished. Number of people eligible to vote in the U.S.: 202.7 million Number of people who voted in the Presidential elections of 2004: 123.5 million from It’s Your Times Cost of running for President: $75 – 100 million per candidate from “The High Cost of Running for President

The third and final reason reason for the decline of Rome was religion. Rome religion deteriorated because of conflicts between Christianity and Pagan gods. Constantine recognized Christianity as a religion. Because of him Christians wouldn’t suffer persecutions for their beliefs. Rather ironically, later Christians would persecute Pagans. In the eyes of public opinion, possessing a “just cause” for waging war is central. A war is said to be Just if it is waged on moral, religious or ethical grounds. From Global Research

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