A Conversation With An Articulate Bush Supporter – And An Opportunity

Yesterday, this comment made in response to our post on the “CNN/YouTube Debates” –

Aren’t you the least bit concerned that the defining issue of our time, that being the War on Terror, was not discussed? This is shocking.

I am contacting political bloggers around the country since I am one as well. I hope this email is not an intrusion.

Anyway, I would like it very much if you would go to http://www.bloggerschoiceawards.com/blogs/show/21020
and vote for me for best political blog and best overall blog as well, IF AND ONLY IF you feel my blog is of a high quality. I really think I have a legitimate shot at winning. If you are open to spreading the word, that would be cool as well.

Thank you.

eric aka www.blacktygrrrr.wordpress.com

P.S. If you are open to doing a link exchange, I get some pretty decent traffic.

We checked out his blog and posted this response –

Hi Eric – Well, as distinguished as the company is, we will have to decline your invitation to add your site to our blogroll. We sincerely believe that your readers would not like what we have to say – nor would our readers be interested in hearing more of the party line from you. They would probably think we’d hit the crazy juice to be listing a conservative blog of this nature.

Thanks for the offer – good luck in your quest for Best Political Blogger – and we wish you peace in the midst of all of this chaos.

Much to our surprise, he responded in an e-mail – and we began a conversation. We are posting it here for you to read because we think we’ve found something of a rarity these days – a Conservative who would like to discuss politics and not call us names! We issued a CHALLENGE a while back – and we may have found a taker. (Our comments will be in blue, his in red – could we really pass that up?!) We have removed some personal references for privacy reasons.

The irony is all of this is that the reason I approached you was for the sake of constructive dialogue.

Given how incredibly polite both you and I seem to be, I was hoping that it could bridge the gap between your readers and mine.

Perhaps one day in the future, we can all debate across the dinner table in a friendly manner. Given today’s charged times, you might be right that now is not the time.

God Bless always,


Hi Eric –

Thanks for your note! It certainly isn’t for the lack of a desire for dialogue – we, in fact have asked Bush supporters to give us information and show us the basis for their support of what we see as criminal activity. The nicest of the responses have included calling us “ignoramuses” (misspelled each time) and the easier-to-spell “idiots.”

We understand this is a charged situation – and I really would welcome what you have to say. But our readers are a bit shell-shocked by the verbal attacks of those who align themselves with Anne Coulter and Bill O’Reilly. Even though we are in the majority these days, there are those who still believe vile e-mails and comments are the way to change our minds. It may be silly, but I feel a sense of obligation to our readers not to knowingly open them up to that kind of attack. If we exchanged links, I’m afraid that would be like offering ourselves up for sacrifice. (I know – a tad overly dramatic – but that’s how it’s feeling today.)

I look forward to that dinner, Eric – and the sooner the better. That will mean that this nightmare has come to an end and we can, again, all be civil to each other.

Again – if we post something that is of interest to you, please feel free to comment. I will also keep your offer of a link exchange in mind. Who knows – stranger things have happened. (wink, wink)

Blessings to you as well!

Both sides have an obligation to keep their wingnuts in check.

I offer full throttled defenses of President Bush, and the Iraq War. I will go to my grave believing it was the right thing to do. All I ask of the left is that they respect that my conclusions are based on deeply held principles.

As for you being on the left, I will never question your patriotism. Your opposition to the war is probably based on deeply held principles as well.

Where I draw the line is when people on the left compare Bush to Hitler. That is antisemitism, and I am the son of a Holocaust survivor who knows a thing or two about the real Hitler.

So in the same way people on the right should not refer to pro-choice people as “baby killers,” I wish I could eat a burger without a vegan calling me a murderer.

The good news is most people are not extremists. The bad news is that they get drowned out by the few who are, but speak louder.

Anyway, this may seem like a bizarre request, but if you decide to lose your mind and vote for me at the bloggers choice awards, I am at http://www.bloggerschoiceawards.com/blogs/show/21020

I won’t tell anyone you did.


P.S. While people can change their minds, even about the war, I am suspicious of election year conversions. Some democrats running for President are engaged in pure naked political calculation, rather than taking a clear stand. Voters are not stupid. They can see through such cynical maneuvers.


I think we are in agreement about one thing – I have absolutely no problem with those of you who have reached your conclusions based upon what you feel to be thorough research. In fact, I welcome the interaction, as do most of our readers. A knee-jerk reaction isn’t of benefit on either side!

I will tell you something that may brighten your day – most of our readers are just as tired of the Democrats as they are the Republicans! When we say we’ve had enough, we’re done with the lot! If you watched the “debates” last night, I’m sure you will agree with me that it was the same-old-same-old. Election year conversions are, from my perspective, the same as foxhole Christianity – all just “Let’s make a deal!”

Here’s one of the things that bothers me about “modern” elections – I’m from a very well-known political family (Republican, as a matter of fact) and was told years ago by my uncle that the person who should be President never will be. The compromise of integrity that comes with the process of advancement in politics would kill whatever spark there was that made him/her the perfect leader.

We appreciate your views and apologize for the “wingnuts” that may be associated with “the Left.” We have disallowed our share of crazy comments that go beyond the pale – even for us! And I will say that I of well-respected journalists who have likened Bush to Hitler. I have taken their references to mean the take-over and power grab that we see happening in the Administration. The people I personally know who have made those remarks would cringe at the thought that they had been taken to be anti-Semitic and were offensive to Holocaust Survivors and their families. I understand your sensitivity.

There will always be those who believe they are the ones with the “right” opinion – my hope is that the number decreases, on both sides!

I have enjoyed/am enjoying our conversation. I will consider your request. With your permission, I may also post our dialogue on my blog to show our readers that there can be a civil discussion between those with such divergent views.

L. G.

http://blacktygrrrr.wordpress.com/2007/05/18/my-red-white-and-liberal-friend/You might like this.



I was thinking of reposting our dialogue as well, and if you really want to increase traffic, we should interview each other. Each one has the right to ask the other 20 hard hitting questions.

It could be fun.

As I said, I believe dialogue is healthy. Lincoln vs Douglas, Kennedy vs Nixon, etc.

If you want to ask me 20 questions, I will answer them, and respond in kind.

As for me, I am a conservative in the tradition of Edmund Burke, John Locke, Ronald Reagan, Charles Krauthammer, and John Podhoretz.



I think the interview would be great! I think, though, that I’ll allow our readers to offer questions as well. That way, it’s not just my ideology that gets represented – we should pass on the YouTube theatrics, however.

P.S. – The reference to Kennedy/Nixon made me laugh! I was watching the debates last night…and recounted the disastrous Nixon television experience. I noted that most of the candidates looked suitably spray-tanned and refreshed – particularly Hillary. Ah…how fare we’ve come in the age of technology!

Have you and your viewers send me 20 hard hitting questions, and I will answer them honestly. After we publish it on our sites I will respond in kind, although on my end the questions will come from me only.



In his post – “my red, white, and liberal friend” – Eric mentioned football. We include this exchange for the fun of it – and for the football fans out there.



By the way – what NFL team? (Please, dear God – don’t say the Rams!)

L. G.

Raiders. Yes, the 2-14 Raiders. I am a member of the Raider Nation…and no, I do not eat my young or have a criminal record.

One of my closest friends is a liberal and a Broncos fan. We can debate politics dispassionately. I cannot have an openminded discussion about football. I am right, the enemy team is wrong.


This is going downhill really fast – the only redeeming thing in your note is your hatred for the Broncos!!

Lovingly – a devoted ‘9er fan……….


So – here’s the opportunity: Send us the questions you’d really like answered by an articulate, intense, respectful Bush supporter. We’ll gather the toughest 20 and pose them to Eric. We’ll then post them here for you to read.

Take a few minutes to look over his blog – http://blacktygrrrr.wordpress.com – to get a feel for his politics and then send your questions to us at admin@say-when.org by Friday, July 27. Obviously, keep them clean and respectful – we would expect the same from him.

Let’s see if we can figure out what makes a Bush Supporter tick!



  1. if only I could get a $1 from every one that hated bush 🙂
    – I’m prob vote for him to remain in power

  2. illa morales

    Can we ask if Eric is any relation of Elizabeth Hasselbeck?

  3. Laura

    As a college economics major during the creation of “Reaganomics”, I have to ask Eric if he has had any college economics education. Combined with a little history knowledge (he can read about the Roman empire here I know), even my carpenter husband can figure out the “air” Reaganomics was built on.

    The current mortgage situation is a direct result of Reaganomics applied to real life. The US has been in DEFAULT for many years, and not just to the UN.

    I believe under such budget conditions, all the free spending on personal trips, even the excessive spending on “government business trips” as totally irresponsible. Any non-government employed citizen managing his finances/spending in such a manner would be blacklisted and denied further “air” spending immediately.

    This administration and most of congress are showing total disregard for the word BUDGET, which reflects either a total disregard for our country’s financial situation (and therefore the country in general); or that they are totally UNQUALIFIED for the job as they can not budget themselves. I have known several business owners who stop their own salary, taking only absolute necessary expense money, until the company is back “in the black”. But you see, they CARE about the company’s and each employees’ (or country and citizens en masse) long term welfare.

    So Eric, that is my question, what economic and accounting theories are you basing your support of Reagan and Bush?

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